UK Garage that sounds like electro (sort of) OR Do my job for me part 15


Fuck sake rich we’ve completely schooled you and dropped gold and you’ve just went yeah not exaaaaactky what me and my beautiful Portuguese friends had in mind but thanks guys
I gonna be honest here, I do have to maintain certain standards, I can hardly play something and then say "I know, I know, but there's this guy Shiels online and.... well it's hard to explain but... I know you're too beautiful for that music but I didn't want to hurt his feelings... yeah, this guy on... never mind, back to the good stuff in a sec" can I?


Looking for something else I found I have this one on a white label. It doesn't exactly fit what I was asking for here but it is stripped of the bad bits at least. I think the other side is maybe better but I don't know what it's called.



As a direct result of this thread I ordered this tune

But it never showed up and I completely forgot about it. Then, the other day it was about 5am and I couldn't sleep and I thought to myself, what are you doing? You can't let these records vanish and lose the money and not do anything about it you prick. I realized I'd started to just accept it cos it happens so often. So I messaged the seller on discogs and then tried once more to crash...

About five hours after I sent that message I was woken by the postman leaning on the bell downstairs. I press the button to let him in and then he gallops upstairs and leans on the flat bell too, I'd only had a couple of hours of kip but I was definitely awake by the time he came in... and he had the record! What are the chances?

I quickly went on discogs and it turned out he'd already refunded me seeing as it was more than seven weeks late and he couldn't be bothered to argue.

Well fair's fair, I refunded his refund and now I have the tune. I ain't played it out yet but I think it will work perfectly, you can mix that intro over the top of something else and somehow it doesn't sound as stupid as I thought. Or you can just cut it off. And apart from that it's just a really minimal bunch of sounds which fit perfectly with the sounds Iike to play, plus I reckon it will make people jump around. Of course we'll have to see....

Anyway, thread resurrected, any more tips team?


Listening to that channel @version linked to which is pretty much the closest thing to nailing what I'm after.

The following are all cool and I'm pulling em out to remind myself...

(Sounds like Sympathy For The Devil)



I guess that's not aimed at me cos I aint got the slightest fucking scooby but I agree it's a tune that jumped out at me.


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Morph's Boomshot might fit the bill here. The A-side (the first track) impressed Ministry of Sound so much that they wanted to have it as the first release on their new Grime label, but for some reason this didn't happen.

Close Quarters, think this is actually called Rollerball. There seems to be more of this dark four to the floor stuff than I remember from the time.

Bogeyman- Smelly. This is Twisted Individual from D&B fame.

Teaming up with East Midlands DJ Lombardo, the A-side is better

For genuine 80's electro sounds you can't beat Alias, this is probably their most extreme one but the J-sweet original is great too

Gansta Toys instrumental by Big E.D, wait 16 bars for it to kick off

Wizzbit- Darkest One

Not sure if these fit the criteria but still