the absolute best choruses hooks of all time


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I see this song as the kind of unofficial anthem for Dissensus and what it could be

I might have got the wrong end of the stick with the title of this thread, because I thought the greatest choruses were the ones you can chant while paralytically drunk at a wedding, or whilst performing ablutions in the shower, yet people are posting ones with lyrics that I can't remember, but @DannyL has fully redeemed the thread

Sham had choruses that lodge in the memory:

Hersham Boys, Hersham Boys,
Laced Up Boots And Corduroys

or the classic:

Hurry Up Harry
Are you coming Down The Pub?


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best anarcho-punk chorus ever ( never mind the practicality of the economics, etc., ) was CRASS:

Do they owe us a living?
Of course they do! Of course they do!
Do they owe us a living?
Of course they fucking do!

no need to be able to hold a tune, it's easy to chant even in the most intoxicated of states