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"Seeing things from beyond their end - as transfinite, so to speak. They appear in an entirely different light. Events come to you from the opposite direction in time, from the depths of their past occurrence.

It is the same with concepts in theory: you see them coming from another direction than that of their logical unfolding - from the depths of their accomplishment, which is also their end, as in a film run backwards.

One should always maintain a kind of balance in this way between a thing and its extreme final term, hold the two simultaneously in tension. Thus we live both with the system and with the extreme consequences of the system."

Baudrillard, Fragments


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when i was a teenager, maybe younger, i got this idea in my head that i would forgo a lot of normal rites and experiences in order to get a glimpse of the sights beyond those parochial confines. but it turns out there are actually people who do both. my bad!
When I was a teenager I used to think that depressed people were the ones that had realized a larger truth about existence and the world. I thought they were the most exciting people. Later I realized most of them were just unhappy with their lives/themselves. Partly by being one myself.


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