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its weird how leo goes on about his partner like this, the last time i saw him he was outside webster hall snogging lydia lunch
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there's an overlap between embarrassing and the authentic...

like this is when people are at their realest, when they reveal themselves (even when the embarrassingness involves a pose or pretending to be something you're not, because that is an authentic desire or wish manifesting itself through the affectation or pretence
Somebody's authenticity is inevitably embarrassing for some others.

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Let's Talk About Ceps

A video sent out by Labour to its activists and organisers outlines its general election branding. “The flag dominates, and of course Labour red,” states the video, which also recommends the use of a “poppins” font and says that MPs and organisers should use the template to ensure “brand consistency”.

Other Labour guidance to members on branding states that a “primary palette” of colours including “Labour red”, “flag blue” as well as white and black should predominate colour when producing “content or positive messaging”.

A “secondary palette” has been composed to match messaging relating to Labour’s “missions”. They are “growth pink”, “green energy green”, “NHS blue”, “policing yellow” and “opportunity purple”.

Ah yes, well who doesn't love a nice splash of Opportunity Purple?


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i do understand but its not a vantage point i would chose to occupy. its not essential. its uncomfortable and makes the world impossible. so i wouldnt personally choose to sit there.
The other day version was calling this person cringe for using the phrase ‘I wrote an article about….’ And then saying the things the article was about. Specifically the phrase ‘ I wrote.’ It made me wan to rip my hair out


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I was there

they did two sets, first one we were standing there watching Nik Turner and his groupies and a six foot plus Australian speed freak started jabbering on about how good the phet was, and so we wandered off to the Tibetan tent, as far as I remember, Omega Tribe were on it

TUMT were the true sound of the underground

second set was 'sunrise" but we missed that because we were at the stones, unlike the other 50 thousand people who were there for the drugs ( edit: we were there for drugs as well but we got to stumble on the stones for the "sunrise" which was just a foggy mist, Stonehenge is a cursed burial site full of bad vibes )

hitched a lift back to Manchester and the driver complained how he could only score methadone because there was no smack on site ( the burned out burger van was evidence of the convoy hypocrisy )

Stonehenge festival pre battle of the bean field, you could stand in any one place and hear ten Hawkwind songs simultaneously

my favourite Stonehenge moments:

a screaming woman running down one of the drags and snapping her neck against whatever you call that rope holding a tent together

smoking a splif and playing with a kitten on a nice mound and then realising it was a grave

Polytrantic handing a bucket around for donations while Here & Now were playing for the "Jenny" and some Hells Angels taking charge and then mentioning "let's rob the beer tent"

bad vibes all around

Japan was in a bubble economy phase so there would be bus loads of tourists deposited at the stones and they would be "what the fuck" at the debauchery in the neighbouring field but that didn't stop them taking photos

and national heritage toilet paper was the worst, like grease paper

edit: I could mention how we spotted a future CREAM superstar DJ cop off with a fat goth


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one of the "moon" festivals in Nenthead Cumbria, they had diffeernt colours,I forget which, it was the one which was destroyed by hail stones the size of a fist, but a total cringe moment was when Nik Turner announced "let's form a circle for the sun" and suddenly I found myself holding hands with total strangers and chanting "OM" in a circle of a hundred people

edit: I fucking loved the free festival scene pre smack / battle of the bean field

edit: operation Julie acid was in full effect at the events I mentioned above

edit: best live show(s) I ever saw were Tibetan Ukrainian Mountain Troupe ( TUMT ) / Wystic Mankers at various free festivals on Operation Julie tabs

edit: I only found out a couple years ago that one of the stash sites for the best UK acid was a mile away from where I lived for a couple of years, the operation Julie guys would bury millions of tabs in the woods where we used to fuck about but we thought we were bad boys by smoking Russian cigarettes lol


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one of my mates at school was an archetypal punk rocker, tartan bondage troons. mohair jumper, his dad was customs and excise and they had a fridge full of confiscated operation Julie microdots

I might have mentioned about how his dad interrogated Ringo Starr in his trip cave?