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I have to say that these extremely negative reviews do not adequately capture the full horror of the appalling plastic environment, soulless puppet animals, the ethical void and disgustingly exploitative concept - luckily there is nandos round the corner
Alright, I’m sorry I had my 9th birthday there!


Alright, I’m sorry I had my 9th birthday there!


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I can't remember if I wrote up about the different VR experiences I saw at SXSW.

The best was probably this one

It's a sort of rave nostalgia piece, you are going to a late 80s acid house rave in coventry.

it's got some good bits - a record floats towards you and you put it on, it's chime by orbital. you've got a vibrating backpack as well as headset and headphones, it's all playing and going together, drums as soft kicks in your back.

then suddenly you are very small and standing on the record, you are in a groove of the vinyl.

another bit you turn a radio dial and then it's below your feet, very big again, and if you walk across it, it's like you are scratching between stations.

the rest is like room scenes eg you are in the bedroom and there's some people about, models, but you cannot interact with them, they are just there. like young lad smoking a spliff.

and you pick flyers up which become talking heads and it's different DJs / promoters. a later scene is the police station and one of the talking heads is an ex-cop etc.

Then the end is that you're at the rave, there's loads of "people" about, silhouetted hands in the air.

but what is very weird about it is that you are actually on your own the whole time - there are 8 other people in the same massive hall having the same experience, but you don't interact with them in any way. so it's really weird in that sense, feels like they have missed a trick.


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There was just one Dunkin staffer so I gave him a buck because he had to hustle in both cashier duty, food prep, and drink prep . No one tips Dunkin people enough. That's the thing about tipping, it shafts actual working class people because they don't get hired at the fancy pants places where people with spare cash to throw around as guilt assuagement

Anyway, he wasn't gonna see during meal prep so i made sure to leave to leave the bill in a conspicuous position in the cup, so he'd notice afterward