Match of the Day and Saint Gary Lineker


My understanding is that Gary criticised - on Twitter? - government rhetoric around immigrants and human rights as being similar to that of Germany in the 30s - cue an absolute meltdown from gammons demanding that he should shut the fuck up as his day job is presenting MOTD for the BBC.

Snowflake gammons on the right have changed their minds about free speech and cancelling and are insisting he should be impartial as a BBC employee - as well as mangling his words to something more inflammatory about how this government are nazis - now he has spoken out like this they demand he be fired.

The left are pointing out what he said, insisting on his right to air his opinions when not presenting an actual programme - and a few are suggesting that it's maybe a bigger issue that the head of the BBC is a Tory donor who wangled his job by arranging a loan for one Boris Johnson.

Amidst all the hysteria Lineker has said he won't present MOTD on Sat so they asked Ian Wright to replace him. Wrighty said he agrees with Gary and won't replace him... and then Shearer dropped out too. Latest I heard is that they can't find anyone to replace him.


In parliament Penny Mordaunt said

They’ve borrowed from Lineker’s playbook. Labour are a party of goalhangers and left-wing strikers. That doesn’t work in politics. The country needs centre forwards, people who are prepared to put the hard work in and create opportunities. And it needs a team captain with a plan.

Seems weird to insult the opposition by comparing them to one of England's all-time stop scorers and most respected strikers who won the golden boot at the 86 world cup... but I'm sure she knows what she's doing.


Wild Horses
Surprised to see this still in the headlines - I mean, it's as long ago as yesterday. The age of political shame seems behind us but would be pretty amazing if Labour manage to depose Sharp over this.