The worst thing you've heard all day


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Please explain
dunno. silhouette... street nights... blurry cars... night-time aesthetic... walking in the city wearing clothes... earnest one note bassline dirge... daytime alt-radio are we having a good time yet... semi-detached distalgic prosetry phone-line monologue in bloodless love with delusions of its own enigma... dreams... you and me... falling in too deep... everything and nothing all at once.. let your emptiness overflow... she said... she said...


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bandz ahoy
I followed this club cos i went there once to see theo parrish and it was pretty good but i swear 9/10 of their posts are videos of some cringeworthy guy looking like he lives in the cave from Matrix 2 playing a kick drum really fast and voguing at breakneck speed


in je ogen waait de wind
it looks like a parody film of what techno is played by ben stiller

the other day this popped up in my recommendation, i think this "hard" techno sound, some sort of mix of techno, hardstyle, donk and gabber is one of the most popular music amoung young people nowadays. what is hilarious is all the lads wearing some sort of gay fetish attribute like a leather harnass or something like that.



A magnificent song from a beautiful film.