A Slave To Power

You could, alternatively, take a nonprofit route to get away from the shareholder profit maximization constraint, or form a public benefit corp as a middle ground. But even still, the question of revenue persists: is the organization raising enough money to financially justify a DEI program? Or do such things need to be viewed as a necessary liability incurred by a variety of orgs over time, with the ecosystem-level intention of nudging the status quo in favor of diversity?

This is what ties into that UK left activism thread. Protests can be effective if managed properly, and I suppose there are some examples out there of grassroots protests, but generally thats a reactive praxis, and a more proactive one requires the subject to dexterously navigate the corporate realm.


Beast of Burden
An example I've encountered is when you come across someone who always seems as though they're subtly taking piss out of you. An air of sarcasm that can make you doubt everything you say, and which only becomes more palpable when they assure you that's not what they're doing.

I actually suffer from Sarcastic Voice Syndrome and it’s very annoying.