Peter Hitchens update


Cat Malogen
Still doesn't prove that addiction exists though does it?

Human weakness exists, I think we can all agree on that.

I’ll just type to myself - define trauma first before you start on weakness as a manifestation of willpower

better still, take heroin every day for 3 months, see the arc of dependence leading to addiction, then cease immediately and report back findings

i’m teasing the latter here, c’mon Benny you don’t think addiction is a reality outside of your own? do you smoke?


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yeah he smokes and hes an alcoholic and he cant stop smoking hash either even though he keeps trying lololol i dont get addicted to anything though.

Benny B

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I'm lacking the willpower to quit fags and drink up to now, but don't bring me down please. Maybe this year I'll do it.


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