Peter Hitchens update


Cat Malogen
Still doesn't prove that addiction exists though does it?

Human weakness exists, I think we can all agree on that.

I’ll just type to myself - define trauma first before you start on weakness as a manifestation of willpower

better still, take heroin every day for 3 months, see the arc of dependence leading to addiction, then cease immediately and report back findings

i’m teasing the latter here, c’mon Benny you don’t think addiction is a reality outside of your own? do you smoke?


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yeah he smokes and hes an alcoholic and he cant stop smoking hash either even though he keeps trying lololol i dont get addicted to anything though.

Benny Bunter

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I'm lacking the willpower to quit fags and drink up to now, but don't bring me down please. Maybe this year I'll do it.


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Beast of Burden
Got this on atm and he's claiming the Tories are unwitting "Blairite Eurocommunists".

Twenty years ago Peter dismissed Iraq and Afghanistan as "stupid left-wing wars" which delighted Christopher, who said, "at least my brother is clever enough to know what these wars are about".


Void Dweller
It's been a big week for Peter after his arch enemy Matthew Perry died (sort of because) of the drugs he claimed to be addicted to. Another win for the Hitch?

And only the other week he stormed out of an interview

the way he gets out of the chair at around 42:06 really stayed in my mind for some reason. spends about ten seconds readying himself then pushes off just using arms, no core or leg muscles engaged whatsoever, and shuffles away. for an actor portraying an old man this is great reference footage.