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you could witness it in music with sound system collectives

putting up a rig, after all the component parts set up who would/could play what and when and, lastly, who could arsed dismantling it all AND tidy up leaving a location as found

names emerge but through the course of an entire weekend a collective can rewrite any sense of authorship - back to back, one tune each, as couples in blocks - it’s metaphorically limitless


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I've ragged on Lerner before and the story/essay itself isn't that great, but it's thrown up a couple of interesting things.

Firstly, the use of ChatGPT for the coda. Secondly, that there's now mention on Wikipedia of his actual edits campaign fictionalised in the piece.

I've looked into it and I believe his COI paid editing & Wikipedia manipulation was done for the Lannan Foundation, with key articles being Cobell v. Salazar, Dawes Act, Elouise P. Cobell (see its creation), and Leanne Hinton. Several of his accounts have already been banned by Checkuser, but given his use of many IPs and single-purpose and throwaway accounts, obviously, a lot of them would still be dormant and he could reactivate them at any time. (Inasmuch as he was paid to push his own ideology, he still has reason to do so even though the Lannan Foundation is winding itself down and he has a 'Distinguished Professor' job at Brooklyn College.) --Gwern (contribs) 23:07 23 November 2023 (GMT)