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I feel a real resistance to change there. I don't see people running headlong into the screens, even in Madrid. all the people who wear Instagram hair and clothes are american and east asian tourists. no sign of airpods. no one doing tiktoks in the park.
Amazing country, let's count the ways:

Ending the Mesoamerican death cults
Cities like Cordoba, Seville, Caceres, Merida, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid...
Second only to Italy for historical significance
The Balearics
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Its a shame that he's leaving Roma he seems like a good fit there. Mourinho at Brazil doesn't feel right really but they can't defend so you can see it in a way

Had the best piss ups of my life in spain/balearics. What a country


Spanish foosball tables are lumbering oversized things with heavy metal men and ceramic balls. The pitch slopes into the middle and you are not allowed to shoot from the attack so you have to pass back to the midfield to shoot. Cretinous.


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I've been to Spain. I've been to South America. I've been to Kenya. I've been to China. I backpacked across Europe. I prefer tea to coffee. I've been to Greece. I love Greek food. I'm a foodie. I'm always on the look out for a great little place to get breakfast.