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Lapsed fenian meets enduringly pointless all-day team conference call meets Jordan Peterson-esque meaty foreheaded questionnaire:

What’s it like getting whitepilled w/Jesus @mixed_biscuits ? Jesus usually finds His true seekers rather than the other way round, a divine sign. Was it like PKD and a necklace round the neck of a pretty pharmacist (without resorting to vaccine analogies)?

Do you attend a specific service, ie catholic mass, CofE, baptist, evangelical?

Did you ‘experiment’, ie ‘Christ-curious‘ before finding your current ministry?

Have you studied alternative faiths?

Which biblical passages ‘work’ for an increasingly fragmented and secular world, eg prayers for the Tube?

Who are your top 5 biblical ballers? Abraham eh, what a lad

If you had sex once and a son was born but even more terrifying again God spoke to you out loud/in your head one night, suggesting you kill your own child, like a Jimmy Savile God? Anyone would hesitate and question, yet you’re thinking “God intervened with Abraham, He’ll do the same with me”, except God has Covid/is on strike/on annual leave/dogging in Wiltshire


Cat Malogen
Would you contest God is inherently good, when humans like Sun Ra have argued God Is Greater Than Love Can Ever Be?

Is there room for more than one god - god of the hedgerows, goddess of the Thames, gods/goddesses of function/location?

How could you apply such a statement to a species whose civilisational peak has, say, passed the event horizon of a black hole with no other examples of their kind as a means to transubstantiate their own souls perpetually? I mean aliens have souls too, would their souls move to another star system?

How do you weigh up the apparent hubris behind J’s statement where the only way to God is through one man alone?

Was Jesus suffering from any narcissism given how exclusive His cliques are? Does he have pvt lads groupchat? What’s the number?

Do you consider the gospel of Thomas valid?

Do the gnostics ever get a look in for brevity given how short our lifespans are, or are you all in with transubstantiation of the soul and life ever after (with all the privilege of heavenly rights)? A contradiction exists within such views, can you tease out various differentials?

Ta in advance (@sufi if the ta button could ever be reinstated somehow it’d be wicked)


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He was critical of Reform Judaism, calling it a "historical distortion of the Jewish religion", as well as Kabbalah, seeing them as encouraging people to not perform mitzvot for their own sake but ascribing a stated purpose to them. As Reform Judaism teaches the concept of "ethical monotheism" and Judaism as having the mission of being a "light unto the nations" and Kabbalah seeks universal redemption through the performance of mitzvot. This was in contrast to Leibowitz's idea that mitzvot should be performed solely to serve God and not for any other explicit purpose. He also claimed that placing the State of Israel, Jewish history, and Jewish culture above God was committing Avodah Zara, or idol worship.


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4) and most damning of them all, you are an American.
Hasn't there been a certain amount of Jewishness baked into the USA from the very start, though? A dash of cultural and intellectual seasoning to liven up what would otherwise be a very bland and stodgy Christian pudding, as it were.


NYC has had Jews since it was Dutch. In fact it was precisely Dutch tolerance in contrast with british antisemitism that created Manhattan's reputation for bagels and lox