have you got a private lads chat?


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i know for a fact the dudes have one. as the forum becomes more and more of a wasteland i suspect all the real activity of hidden behind closed doors.


Binary & Tweed
No he's not interested in non-luka topics. Linebaugh, sus and I have other interests though, including but not limited to: ratting, blockchain, Oliver Craner, guns, and theory fiction.


Cat Malogen
Only one - who isn’t a subtable babysitter from the list of males who volunteer - not really pvt either due to Stone Age Nokia ie Nonce Watch

Work phone is off limits, someone will lob a beheading clip in and already had to deal with such consequences a decade ago, live and learn etc

wild greens

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Surely everyone has at least one (if not several) highly erratic whatsapp group these days

I think they've long since took over most social media for people past their mid-twenties, tbh

Insta to project inner world to wider social group, linkedin for the psychopaths


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He's dead. No one's seen him in ages.
He sent me this insane PDF about the imaginary worlds of Islamic dream visions recently, so I think he's OK, just in his dreamquest stage. Probably wandering around Minneapolis shopping malls on acid scribbling epiphanies in his notebook.