The Fisher Family: Rumors, Legends, Gossip



The Fisher Family, in Essex, has done well for itself. The family business had long been wholesale cheese supply, though the paternal line for four generations consisted of wrestlers and boxers. Great-granddaddy Fisher is alleged to be last British sailor to receive a cat o’ nine tails—a punishment which left him parallelized plopped in barrel fights for prize money. The family’s latest patriarch is Big John—able-bodied, but weighing in at four hundred pounds. Big John has gained fame across Britain for his Mega Chinese meals—massive family take-outs of chow mein, chili beef, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, pancake rolls, and kung pao prawns. His son, Johnny, has gained some fame as an amateur boxer, and the family runs the YouTube channel BoshTV, filming Big John’s great size and appetite, interviewing the family, and publicizing Johnny’s boxing career.

What do you know about the Fisher Family and Big John?