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Consensus on this side of the pond is that there haven't really been much good rap in the last year and change. Other than RXKNephew I can't really name anyone I think put out a good album last year. Mainstream charts still topped by Kanye and Drake with the worst stuff of their careers, and competent and inoffensive Jack Harlow tracks making up the rest of it. Feels like every track is just a worse version of something from a few years back.
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the last thing I found fresh and exciting was playboi carti and around the same time pop smoke

but I feel like it's crying out for a total rehaul in production. like a radically different machine with entirely new sounds, finally putting to bed the trap sound palette. at least for me to get that interested again probably.


Neuralink technology will enable us to hack animals and play tunes directly through their animal brains and voiceboxes. Thousand bird animal orchestras will be de rigeur, controlled by vast AI synthesisers.


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the claim i'm making isn't "there aren't as many good albums as there used to be", which is a little fuzzy and subjective and the same kind of kvetching that you lot would do about literally any sort of music at any time. It's "there's not a single listenable hip hop record that's come out in the last 500 days". which maybe you'll understand is somewhat more remarkable?


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thres's no ambiguity. infamous, cuban linx, illmatic, as opposed to what you get today?


people (noz lol) are (to my mind) very tepidly like "hip hop is thriving precisely where those who aren't totally immersed can't hear it and in formats that bounce off of them when they do hear it (YouTube platform ciphers and sub 3 minute singles)"