bandz ahoy
Does it make sense to even talk about being "filled with" rage?

I think people think of anger like this, like there's an anger bucket in everybody that gets steadily filled up with anger molecules until you go berserk.

"Suppressed rage", is this a real thing? I suppose it is, it's the chemical rage reaction going off in your body but you not acting on it, not pushing the prevaricating pensioner into the path of incoming traffic.

I ask this because I find myself to be "full of it" (somebody quote tweet this and say "Tell me about it" for a laugh) — I'm constantly getting triggered by innocuous things, then turning the anger on myself and lecturing myself about not getting angry about innocuous things.

People on here might not think of me as angry because I'm very non-confrontational and I'd prefer to be polite and friendly, but inside I'm churning like a washing machine spin drying magma



Can turn naughty
Seems like there's a deep reservoir of it under the surface of the daily goings on

Safely buffered in taking it out on the weak in the name of bants

Those with the most composure often come across as the ones with the biggest reserves, closest to the surface and thus also tend to be the ones who revel in bringing it out of others. Make a hobby of it even

What a weird and tangled web


bandz ahoy
I guess this has been on my mind lately cos a) I've been uncommonly depressed and full of self hatred, which always gives my rage levels a bump and b) because of the Instagram/twitter onslaught of hateable content