The power of google

was amazed to see I'm still pulling over 200 visitors a day without posting anything! it's all down to referrals from google searches.

just checking the most recent search queries. some obvious:

digital mystikz download mix
download mp3 digital mystikz
grime tracks
loefah beat them
lethal b mp3
showcase bashment
Mike Paradinas uses propellerhead reason
richard h. kirk it's better
frank de wulf mixes mp3 free
Aphex twin production tips

some less obvious, but I know why they came up:

dave howard
todd rundgren acid
Rundgren mp3
landscape norman bates download
tka freestyle mp3 download

a couple of strange ones as I don't recall mentioning them at the blog:

lynsey de paul -sugar me free download
where can i listen to lady kier

fascinating stuff (for me anyway). Sometimes my blog turns up when I google stuff myself. never really looked into it before, but I'm on blog-holiday so enjoying wasting time lokking at shit like this.

anyone else with their own websites monitoring this sort of thing? what's the strangest search query you've had a referral from?

also it's interesting that so many queries involve 'free MP3s'. evrybody wants their free tunes, don't they? cheapskate cuntz...
wow, this thread stinks.

gonna keep it as my own private place to record google search phrases.

although this first one came via Ask Jeeves:

'cough and fever in kittin' (thnaks for misspelling 'kitten' there)

and this via MSN search:

'used gutter machine'

true googles:

'target "dr who" achilleos'

'buy analogue bubblebath 5 on cassette tape '

and my fave for today:

'blake baxter asshole'

keep off my thread, you fuckaz!


the abyss
Nick Gutterbreakz said:
anyone else with their own websites monitoring this sort of thing? what's the strangest search query you've had a referral from?

not so much a google search referral, but a few years back my bandwidth got hammered with people repeatedely streaming mp3 mixes instead of downloading, had to pay a massive fine with the isp and ended up changing providers.

when i checked the referrer logs i tracked most of the hits down to a czech hacker website, which of course i was unable to view due to it being members only. "cheers you selfish twats" i thought to myself as i zipped up all the audio files and reuploaded.


party record with a siren
Nick Gutterbreakz said:
anyone else with their own websites monitoring this sort of thing? what's the strangest search query you've had a referral from?

Worryingly, we once got one for - abu hamza guestbook 2005. I'm probably being spied on by the CIA right now as a result.

This month it's quite boring - just names of artists whose names appear somewhere on the site (mixes / charts / reviews).
oi, get off my thread you lot!!! :mad:

oh, hang on, I like you can stay ;)

I could have LOADS more referrals if I posted more 'classic rock' stuff...

Last year I did one single post that involved the Kinks' 'Picture Book'. Just been looking at the top search keywords that have led people to my blog since I started tracking last year...

#5 = Picture
#6 = Book
#9 = kinks

These beat the words 'dubstep', 'analord', 'vex'd' , 'riddim' and all the others that appear with tedious regularity at my blog.

still, the latest selection of phrases is on the money:

'new beat belgium'
'grime mp3 downloads'
'detroit techno mp3 blog '
'vex'd session mp3'
"robert rental"

ad neuseum

(puffs chest with pride)

plus,er, 'concordes'

This week's funny search queries for kontent :

goldsmiths is shit
illegal sounds
fried goya

Fried goya?

I was first a page result for most Julie Verhoeven/Kirsten Dunst queries for a while. I had a lot of confused visitors.
joanofarctan said:
This week's funny search queries for kontent :

Like the drawings!!

My last selection before I jet off on my hols:

'dubstep blog gutter '
'Melodies From Mars Download Aphex Twin mp3 '
'pan sonic live mp3s'
'cybotron interface tracklist '
'eq remove background music from track mac'
'F-Tizzle - Gype' - I was top of the page for this one - bet the googler was pissed off to find that Blazey's mix was no longer available!

and my fave for the day:

'grease, stray cats , shakin stevens'

john eden

male pale and stale
muslim sexy mans

My fave "phrase" searches for for August 2005:

how to look punk
nazi tattoos
astronaut sex
what is turbulence
windowpane acid
worid sex
zombie culture
sexual occulture
lyrics no hash no amphetamine
is there life in peckham
breast milk fetish
genesis p orridge likes and dislikes
binatone keyboard
ape embryo
alport was the name of the old village at the castlefield end of deansgate
masturbation in outer space
schopenhauer magick crowley
air conditioning and urbanism
drunk babysitters
living over the brush
human disco ball
i really want to see a fat man
smoking ganesha
irrational behavior land inheritance
chicken thunderstorm
tv willesden or brentfield please sir
music from ferrero rocher advert
history e-coli 0157h
muslim sexy mans
why do all runners always run anticlockwise essay
pat cash punk
diseases from beastality
hand carved animals philippines
pics of brandon teena
regret not doing mba
best tripping music
canadian temp worker how sick leave works
battered wives in general
how the vagina works pictures
in praise of chips
jack mansfield space travel
what happens to a woman body when she gets her organism

Fucking excellent, I think you'll agree! :D

Other than that a load of stuff about dub, welcome to jamrock, mark stewart, crass and the like.



warsangali sultanate articles written by britain
Nubians Moors Kush
super mama djombo
الكتاب الاسود
danzig baldayev
the arab secret weapon by bunny wailer
stanikzai saber
Somali reggae
al manhal french arabic
ahmed adawia
قبائل البجه
andrianary ratianarivo
females burnt at the stake nun
Ukiyo-e images
rahim maktoob com
barrington levy praise his name mp3
pop77 back
helm of awe
tustumunhos di aonti
65 singnet com sg koi
aesthetic is not as important as function of the mosque
اغاني ام كلثوم
fungus infection on penis pics
umdorman islamic university
taweez to remove evil eye
ethiopian girls cunts photos
أنواع القماش
اعمال الشغب في السودان
الحرب الاهلية السودانية الاسباب
الحقيقة الغائبة
كيف تصنع الاسلحة النارية
Major General Mahamed siyad Barre Pictures
there is love and nothing besides love
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" "Last modified" mp3 "Luka"
jimmy swaggart versus ahmed deedat
jihadi tones
اغاني فريد الاطرش
بحث عن الذرة الشامي
تاريخ قبيلة الجعليين
umdorman library
dibbuk keselim
Lieutenant Mohammed Shaddor
cathine extraction
midob nasty
These were with the intact skin of the lower part of the human body, dug up from a church yard
Diavolana +andringitra
Corpsebreeches - Nábrókarstafur
khanah means what?
said samatar+a leelkase captain ahab
osama el taib show food
kalphat lebanese
sudanize name meaning /dictionary
lacksley castell captive
shabnam pushto video
asmara +modernism
shabnam tajik las vegas
Kushitic paganism
dahabo isse
index of "parent directory" "last modified" ganja .gif -faq
super biton
poo ha ba corbin
اتفاقية نيفاش
antsa malagasy
google where is the allwadani music
spices - eng;lish to hindi names
hasan i-sabah
mad-27 mania
rwanda hutto tutsi history
oAU addis ababa
Coyote eyes
bismillah gif
dirty kuffar
fiat tagliero
house of roots aba
Gilles Ramiarison
Moa Anbessa
samuel rakotoarimalala
children of the emperor + "albert malawi"
what does luluba mean
Ndjamena prostitutes
farhana masri
cultivation of khat
davod azad
beesha darood parliament somalia
alberti santa maria novella facade proportion
كراتيل العرب
non-arabized nubians
hira taloha
hirampivavahana gasy
basque whalers in iceland
اغنية rise and fall


with this in the news today and Google Talk set to take off, google has undoubtedly got the power beyond the search. this for instance blew my mind.
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