1. Z

    DJ Zhao - Fusion 2

    Traditional and contemporary music from 5 continents, 25 countries, re-edited, mashed up, and dubbed out. The Fusion series is more for listening compared to the dancefloor heat of NGOMA, but there are certainly some bangers in here, alongside more tripped out and lyrical numbers. Tracks are...
  2. haji

    The new Ethnomusicology

    (Now i see why woebot never gets comments on his website, so we'll have to rehearse this discussion over here) i almost posted this some time back when i read this sycophancy bollocks, but interesting bollix nonetheless...
  3. S

    tell me everything you know about music in cairo...

    i'm going to cairo in july and am looking for places to go and check out good music, i'd like to check out some serious classical stuff but would also be very into going somewhere where people dance to plasticky super-poppy shaabi - the kind if stuff hesham abbas and all those dudes do. I'd like...
  4. haji

    Met simon cowell tonight,

    met simon cowell tonight, an utterly surreal encounter was strolling down towards knightsbridge after eating lebanese food in the park, which was full of gulf tourists, lots of ladies in abaya & blokes in western garb looking like they miss their djellabia, when we come upon this strolling...
  5. M

    what did you listen to today?-2005

    Tapped out right now on anything besides dubstep. Fill me in on what I'm missing. Please. I liked the Christ ep. I just picked up. everyone chip in.
  6. Landfill Elektronikz

    The power of google

    was amazed to see I'm still pulling over 200 visitors a day without posting anything! it's all down to referrals from google searches. just checking the most recent search queries. some obvious: DJ GRIME SCENE digital mystikz download mix download mp3 digital mystikz grime tracks...