questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?


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this is the same problem I have with Sound System tapes - find the tunes on vinyl and they don't sound the same because what has attracted me is the distortion introduced by the amplification and the speakers

I also get this when I've bought the vinyl of something I used to have on cassette - they just don't sound right and that's because the vinyl is playing at the right speed, the music isn't obscured by hiss, etc., and what I really want is the hiss and the wow and flutter...

yeah the power of the valves etc never really translates cos you do need the whole system there. the living vibration of the dance.
i think for a similar reason eg dillinja is not as well thought of nowadays as he should be, cos on a youtube embed, it's really not the same. he had a powerful live show.


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At the start of this recording Ahmed gives a shout out to the Sound System, but I can't quite catch the name
makana sound system, makana means machine.

I sent it to my friend who said "i think he's speaking in an algerian or tunisian dialect at first"


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When talking about The Box (Jam the box, Work the box, Bang the box etc) what does it refer to? I'm told the drum machine but could be any number of things as in The Music Box club even a weird innuendo?