wonderful graffiti


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contrary to the thread title, the worst graff in nyc at the moment is by a moderately prolific writer called @persianpoet, who write moderately cheesy inspirational words on the pavement. mostly seen them downtown.

there's another offender in the same genre called @7soulsdeep who popped up in the depths of the pandemic who was offensively bad and who was up absolutely everywhere. with them though it's been genuinely great to watched because they get written over, simply crossed out, or have other people write next to them taking the piss out of them, all the time.

last laugh is with @7souls though, coz as per thier insta they are selling mirrors with their tags on for like $2 a pop

also in this wordy category is someone who writes DREAM UNTIL ITS YOUR REALITY all over the place downtown, but although that seemed cheesy to begin with it is genuinely a really nice thing to see on a daily basis