The Big Hello Thread


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John Eden? Uncarved? If so, my thanks for your last posts on rocksteady as the ultimate holy grail / charity shop vinyl attitudes. Spot on.
Oh, and for that top class roots 'n dancehall mix grievous angel put up a while ago.


ey oop!

high hopes for the board,
(ignoring slight uneasy deja vu - is dead long live

may she and all who sail in her................................................


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yeah this is definitely a good idea

ever since k-punks comments box got closed I've felt like there wasn't any place for the blogging community to discuss, well ... whatever

this is very cool

thanks messirs woebot and k -punk


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hey, its Rob from LoveEcstasyCrime here...thanks for the headsup, John! (got here from your blog)

and Simon Silverdollar: man i so fucking LOVED your last post about the state of the blogging nation! i wlda said that on my blog, but im busy being on hiatus :)

big ups to Mark K-Punk and Matt for starting this!!!!


A request and a question:

- Would it be possible to change the colour of the links? I'm having to highlight the dark green ones just to be able to see them.

- Noticed Woebot's "and more hard cash" comment; why choose the paying V-Bulletin over the free phpBB?


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I hope I don't scare ppl away by posting...anyway I'm David from We Eat So Many Shrimp and various disasterous threads on ILX. I promise none of that here :)

Oh yeah I'm American and from Chicago and I lurve hip-hop.
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