paula rego/robert frank


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both of these exhibitions look good. anyone reached? worth it? i went to the new thing at whitechepel, yeah that was quite alright. weegie, cartier bresson, atget, brassai, walker evans, everyone likes photgraphs
theres three bacon things, one of which stands out. crouching nude? i think. everything upstaris is rubbish, thats the end of the review.


i'm currently working temping in a dull office next to tate britain. half an hour in there helps me let of pressure and engage with something interesting and beautiful.
i liked the paula rego alot, very otherworldy art, quite sinister, gets into your grey matter in an odd way.
i also thought this years turner prize was more interesting than previous years.
There is actually artwork that engages with life outside the art establishment/theory, in that sense it fits quite nicely within the tate britain because the tate britain has exhibitions that relate to moments in history,it establishes a chronology of subjects pretty well ,plus has exhibitions of popular asides such as satirical pictures etc.


paula rego




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the rego exhibition is small and free. it is at tate britain. i like the way she paints women's calves


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those 'pillow man' pix really got to me - like a children book illustration gone wrong. i like the use of pastel to blur line and colour and the frankness of a number of the subject's gaze in a number of the paintings - particularly the abortion triptych.
that room is probably the best thing in both London Tates at present (especially since they have screwed up the Rothko room - once a chapel, now a bus stop)