I have a popcorn kernal stuck behind my teeth


Like hot butter on, say what?, the popcorn

I got it bad y'all, i got it bad y'all
When it comes to the pen and the pad y'all

Anymore hip hop popcorn references?


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DavidD said:
It has kept me from focusing on anything I should be doing. Help!

D, that's some weak excuse. the kernel might not even be there, perhaps it's your way of putting off something that really needs to be done, something that's causing you discomfort and you won't admit it. what are you avoiding? what aren't you telling us? The stuck kernel syndrome has been documented extensively. (smiley symbol)

no, actually I can relate to this. if it is actually there my solution is ribbon floss and er.. not be not to eat popcorn in the future, or only to eat the machine made ones that don't have kernels and never to chase after those last few that haven't fully popped.


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I'm not tasting it any more, so i figure with the amount of beer I had last night some of it must have washed the kernal down my throat.

I think my reasoning for putting it in this forum was that it was all i could think about. Eh? think? Thought? eh?


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there was so few blogs thats what it reminds you, just a handful of eccentrics. no one was writing about music on the internet so if you did
and you werent a total moron, you'd probably get readers and you'd probably end up plugged into the network to some degree.


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I will watch this later actually.

Always was a fan of D-Drake's writing/taste in music.

Honestly now can't remember how I got something on So Many Shrimp but it blew my mind at the time

Actually had to delete that immediately as I suddenly was in terror of the embarrassment