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I was actually first exposed to 'grunge' via the Aussie bands that invented it - really a post-Birthday Party reaction - via the Scientists, Feedtime, Grong Grong, King Snake Roost, Lubricated Goat, the whole Citadel roster, some of the early Waterfront bands, the Abberant Record label..

But then some motherfuckers decided that it was a genre that came from Seattle. Innaresting as Mudhoney - prolly the 'definitive' grunge band were just an American band copying Aussie post-BirtdayParty punkers!!

STILL, I did the metal thread, and really GRUNGE was just metal minus the poifannt haricuts and shittier clothes. I always found GRUNGE just to be hardcore with more mainstream metal influences. When I first heard Nirvana I just thought, they're the new GUNS n' ROSES, and Cobain's constant apologising to be aligned with a more 'underground' or 'arty' scene was just that in the end, but..we may never know...

Of the grunge bands, the first Mudhoney ep and album were great, I liked bits of Killdozer, and really like the Aphetamine Reptile label..Also I find SOundgarden to be a major guilty pleasure, and honestly didn't mind a few of the Pearl Jam tunes (mainly 'rearview mirror') - but the rest..I mean WARRIOR SOUL (and later NICKELBACK) were WORSE than ANYTHING hair-metal could ejaculate, and I'll leave it at that...


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For me? Over here, in Brixton in 1986- 9 in squats? Metal was anathema. But Extreme Noise Terror, Carcass and Napalm Death weren't, because, well, I guess it's called 'real' now, they were 'realer'. Funny.
For me? It's all guitar bands innit? Just some had bollocks, some wanted bollocks and some desired to be castrated. Whatever. I loved Big Black, SWANS, Lard, what I perceived to be 'harder' as a 16 -19 year old. Mudhoney, Tad, Nirvana, even 'Surfer Rosa' was what I would've called indie, it had perceived melody. I loved them as well, and The Smiths.
Cobain was a brilliant pop lyricist, brilliant.
I had the fortune of being in New York when "Nevermind' happened, however, and it genuinely felt, for me, for a moment, like the freaks were inheriting the earth and there was justice, for those moments and a couple of gigs. A pure pop moment, where the skies open up and somewhere anything just may be able to come true. It was breathtaking.
For me? It was metal kids into hardcore and some shit indie.
For me? Anti-Nowhere League said it best :

So fucking what!
Well I've been to Hastings
And I've been to Brighton
I've been to Eastbourne too
So what, so what
Well I've been here
And I've been there
And I've been every fucking where
So what, so what
So what, so what you boring little cunt
Well who cares, who cares what you do
Who cares, who cares about you
You, you, you
Well I've sucked sweets
And I've sucked rock
And I've even sucked an old man's cock
So what, so what
Well I've fucked a sheep
And I've fucked a goat
I've had my cock right down its throat
So what, so what
So what, so what you boring little cunt
Well who cares, who cares what you do
Who cares, who cares about you
You, you, you, you
Well I've drunk that
And I've drunk this
And I've spewed up on a pint of piss
So what, so what
And I've had scag
I've had speed
I've jacked up until I bleed
So what, so what
So what, so what you boring little cunt
Well who cares, who cares what you do
Who cares, who cares about you
You, you, you, you
Well I've had crabs
And I've had lice
And I've had the pox and that ain't nice
So what, so what
Well I've fucked this
And I've fucked that
And I've even fucked a schoolgirl's crack
So what, so what
So what, so what you boring little cunt
Who cares, who cares about you
Who cares, who cares about you
You, you, you, you....


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grunge the staple diet of english public school boys in the early 90's until we discovered drugs and dance music!!


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hmm..American grunge descended from Aussie post-punk? I don't think so, buddy...

Although they both had common roots in terms of bands like the Stooges, MC5, Kiss and Black Sabbath and they were definately aware of each others existance at the time they were completely disparate scenes. In fact, the bands you mention were forming (or were in their previous formats) at roughly the same time. I remember buying the early Sub-Pop material from Waterfront shortly after Lubricated goat formed...Stu Spasm had been around for years at that time having played in a number of local outfits, as had the members of most of the Seattle scene with their contempories.

I think perhaps you need to research your music history before you make broad generalisations like "the Aussie bands that invented it"...


I remember some hippy who lived in Crewe and had that 'I hate myself and want to die' Kurt poster on his wall...that's some nice music for young people to be listening to. Even goths weren't as miserable and boring as grunge fanatics. Nirvana just sounded like a heavy metal REM to me, and Babes in Toyland were wful too.