Burial interview @ Blackdown/Burial album


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I would have expected this to be the best winter album, but that setting hasn't really stuck for me. I just drove back from work and it was bright, sunny and beautiful by even the most lazy weatherman's definition...etched headplate really was real fucking magic.


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I'm loving this music, the whole haunting hazy vibe of it is something we need more of. And I think playing some mystery games about who's made it is cool, every artist creates and presents a persona to go along with their music and in this case it's just obviously mysterious and/or fictionalised.:cool:


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No-one talking about the El-B vs. Burial? Can't say I'm that bothered so far but sounds like the sort of prospect that might get a few of you excited.


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Sounds pretty decent, so far. Anyone got the proper track names yet? the meta-data on mine just says "as-yet untitled."


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He played a few bits from it on Grimey breakfast a few weeks back, sounded ok. Id say there might be a bit of wobble. But its got Narrows, Burial and EL-B so its bound to have some top tunes on it. Free ghost keyring with it as well I think.