people with tinted glasses


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stumbled upon a tract in hegels The Philosophical Propaedeutic where he comes down heavily upon people who wear tinted spectacles:

"....they at once acquire an aura of intense sleeaziness.....the urge to wear these items seizes individuals regardless of their class or racial background..."

my german isnt what it should be, i cant really do justice to the nuances of his inflection, for that i apologise. he goes on in quite some depth about the users golem-like aspect, their shunning of light.

has anyone else read this or come across sleazebags in tinted specs? does anyone out there wear tinted specs (my unreserved apologies in advance)?


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i like it when matt throws off his bumbling, dillettante personna and drops bombsells like
'i was thumbing through kant the other day'

i've encoutered very sleazy people pushing a 'positive thinking' agenda. i'm not sure that's exactly the same as what you're talking about, its certainly related. in fact everyone into 'postivie thinking' is either a manipulator or a fucked up naive dupe. the most evil manipulative man i've ever met is an nlp instructir,

i have a conflicted relationship with that kind of outlook becase my natural disposition is overly glum so i try and redress the balance a little. i do try and fight it and i think a lot of what they say is true and valuable. your beliefs about yourself really do have a big impact on the direction of your life, but at root its based on voluntary blindness, denial, so i can't go all the way with it.


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luka said:
i like it when matt throws off his bumbling, dillettante personna and drops bombsells like
'i was thumbing through kant the other day'.
havent read the hegel, just fooling about though today i did pick up books by arthur kroker (terribly unfashionable i know) rd laing and one on turing/babagge. does this excuse me?

i do think people who wear tinted glasses are corrupt though.........

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havent read the hegel, just fooling about

That was funny.

Anyway there's a guy works here wears tinted glasses all the time, like those that some people with dyslexia can wear in school examinations. I think he's got fairly intense dyslexia, and just uses these glasses permantely, and these glasses help him to read things/fill out forms/examine records or whatever. He put it something like "if I don't wear the glasses, my mind gets blown"- very self-deprecating guy.

How does dyslexia work, I wonder? I'm kinda borderline dyslexic I think.


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I almost worked with r.d. laing's son adrian.

some people who wear tinted glasses have medical conditions, like irlen syndrome.


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The Etymology of 'Sagely'

sort of unrelated but fwiw... i have a very short-sighted friend who, whenever he's asked why he doesn't wear glasses, simply nods sagely and replies: Because I don't <em>want</em> to see the world any clearer.

Actually, any ideas of the etymology of 'sagely' - related to Sage as in sage wisdom/ salvia divinorum?

and as for tinted glasses - I've just been reading the Disinformation Guide to THE INVISIBLES and tinted glasses simply mean you're hiding insectoid green eyes after you've gone over to the OUTER CHURCH.

either that or you're dyslexic


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Well - you got yer dark glasses (aka sunnies - or is that sunnis?) vs. yer other colout tints?

Like beards maybe - what are these people trying to hide?

Hmmm - sunnies worn indoors screams "I am trying my damnest to be cool, can't you see that?"

And the Invisibles? Well, yes - but King Mob was also fond of sunnies.

A close relative has quite severe dyslexia:

Info on coloured filters & dyslexia

Info on causes of dyslexia

grimly fiendish

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i've always been deeply suspicious of tinted specs. there is something horribly sinister about them. my dad had a blue-tinted pair for a very short amount of time, but chucked them after the grief i gave him ("dad, you look like a paedo, take them off") became too great.


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tinted glasses kind of freak me out
i think i associate them with slugworth out of willy wonka


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-after testing different shades of tints on trippers facing a 'new day rising' it was agreed by our group that light amber tints were the preffered due to the ability to both reduce the pain caused by the light, and retain vivid pleasing colours. :cool:

-[luka response] nlp also shares these qualities with the pain control offred by eriksonion hynosis, and the general happy clappy post-maslow lets ignore the dark shadow grenerated by how 'positive' we are: ProctoPsychology

-i wonder if in hegals time light-tinted 70's 'fonda' shades were the 'tinted spectacles' he was refering to, or is it just 'arnie' sinister full tint shades he was on about.....?