Famous Artists who designed Record Sleeves.


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Just looking at American Artists I've isolated the following:

Jean Michel Basquiat
<img alt="basquiat.JPG" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/basquiat.JPG" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

Keith Haring
<img alt="haring.JPG" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/haring.JPG" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

The Hungry Who
<img alt="hungry_who.jpg" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/hungry_who.jpg" width="450" height="601" border="0" />

Sol Lewitt
<img alt="lewitt.JPG" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/lewitt.JPG" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

Robert Longo
<img alt="longo.JPG" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/longo.JPG" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

Robert Rauschenberg
<img alt="rauschenberg.jpg" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/rauschenberg.jpg" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

Kenny Scharff
<img alt="scharff.JPG" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/scharff.JPG" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

Michael Snow
<img alt="snow.JPG" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/snow.JPG" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

Andy Warhol
<img alt="warhol.JPG" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/warhol.JPG" width="450" height="450" border="0" />

Do you know of any artists, famous or otherwise who've designed record sleeves? If you can contribute JPEGS to this thread so much the better :) !

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Bridget Riley did the first cover of The Faust Tapes, didn't she? The diamond design, when it was selling for 0.49p. Don't have a JPEG unfortunately.


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mark ryden

he's done some nice stuff for sympathy.. records. well i think he's famous anyway.

sympathetic majesties request:

Alright, This time just the girls:

pretty sure these were created specifically for the job, which i think is what yr after. otherwise there's hods of good stuff that was lifted.

like this:

which i thought was the shit and perfectly accompanied my introduction to sabbath as a nipper.
oh, it's by Pieter Bruegel i think. hmm..


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gerhard richter for daydream nation... well actually he didn't design it, they borrowed his painting... does that count? currently off in the bush & everyone knows what it looks like so no jpg available from here


Jackson Pollock's 'White Light' appears through a hole cut in the sleeve of Ornette Coleman's 'Free Jazz' LP (Atlantic 1364) but, like the previously mentioned covers for Daydream Nation (featuring Richter's 'Two Candles') and The Faust Tapes (Riley's 'Crest'), it isn't strictly a cover design.

Not sure the criteria are that strict though! I noticed on the Reich cover - 'La photo de couverture est tirée du film de Michael Snow "Wavelengths" (1966).

So here's Coleman's 'Free Jazz'.

Also (I couldn't help myself), here's the original '67 pressing of warhol's banana, sorry, unpeeled.. heheh.

Warhol did a lot more covers than just VU: Jay Jay Johnson, Kenny Burrell, Johnny Griffiths (1940-50s), Velvet Underground (1960s), John Cale, Rolling Stones, Paul Anka (1970s), Billy Squier, John Lennon, Debbie Harry, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin (1980s) .. (from http://www.yo-yoll.net/collezionismo/warhol_grafico.htm)

Not strictly cover design (again!), but Bottrop Boy's EN/OF label series (ongoing) of artist/musician editions is worth a mention. http://baeumen.de/bottrop-boy/html/en_of.html

Here's Dan Graham's contribution for the Mirror/Dash (Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore) release, on my wall, and not being removed from frame in a hurry..

Then there's the whole can of worms with artists whose output combines musical releases and accompanying cover art with visual art and installations: Christian Marclay, Vito Acconci, Joe Jones, Yoko Ono.

And non-US: Dieter Roth, Christina Kubisch, Terry Fox, Rolf Julius, Harry Bertoia, Claus Bohmler, Milan Knizak, Hermann Nitsch, Henri Chopin spring to mind. I have cover art from most of these around.

Ubuweb (http://www.ubu.com) and Broken Music (http://www.aqualoop.com/aqua_sound/delia/delia_BrokenMusic.html) are resources to learn more .. I just noticed a cover by Jasper Johns, so I'm sure there are more names in there we've missed.

Finally, two non-American artists:

Roman Signer photo 'Wasser Steifel' on the cover of Gastre Del Sol's 'Upgrade & Afterlife'

Joseph Buey's cover of his own 'Sonne Statt Reagan' EP.
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what did diet(h)er rot(h) do? & knizak? quite partial to mr rot(h)...

also just remembered rauschenberg designed the vinyl for alking heads' speaking in tongues...


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A graphic designer really, but Tibor Kalman's Remain in Light Cover for Talking Heads is awesome. He designed "Colors" magazine too.

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reposed said:
Debbie Harry

Who also had a cover done by H.R. Giger, who also contributed the notorious "Penis Landscape" as an insert to a Dead Kennedy's LP which got them in all the trouble with the PMRC.

Bonus question - who did Damien Hirst do a cover for?


giger - elp's brain salad surgery .
jenny savage, manic street preachers holy bible.

in answer to yr question eden, did damian hurst do the sleeve to that dreadful vindaloo song?

mike kelley did the dirty sleeve by sonic youth as well, that's ace.
pau mcarthy did some blast first sleeves too.

trevor brown does those horrible whitehouse/venetian snares sleeves, he's fairly famous in his own right.

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mms said:
in answer to yr question eden, did damian hurst do the sleeve to that dreadful vindaloo song?

I don't think so.

Come on, step right up! It's quizmeister JE's January special!
Didnt Damien Hirst do the new band aid single and then have to redesign it cos the image he chose of a starving african child might scare young Westerners into not buying the record?

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magic pendulum said:
Didn't he do one for Dave Stewart
Mr Stewart in front of a row of coloured fire extinguishers

That was the one I was thinking of! Gold star to you comrade pendulum! :)


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Raymond Pettibon is an interesting case of a sleeve/fanzine artist who is now part of the high art cannon.
not many artists are allowed this method of assimulation into the world of ''proper fine art''...