Famous Artists who designed Record Sleeves.


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monkeysblood said:
<img alt="bosch.png" src="http://www.woebot.com/images/dissensus/bosch.png" width="500" height="409" border="0" />

another cover commissioned off hieronymous bosch ;)


john eden said:
I don't think so.

Come on, step right up! It's quizmeister JE's January special!

yes he did, he co owned the record label was part of the group and even designed a poster for the single.
they were called fat les. It went to number one!

In 1998, Damien himself became involved in a popgroup, Fat Les, who recorded two singles that year, appeared at Glastonbury (but didn't perform), and who were accepted to participate in the Music Industry Soccer Six of 1999. Damien also co-owns the group's record label with actor/friend Keith Allen http://www.myleeds.net/leeds/celebs&gossip-damian.htm

they also covered jerusalem,
speaking of blake
so did this lot


on a tangent anyone remember the ambassadors/we love you book and cd ?

had pics in the book with a cd attached, quite tasty when it came out.

Track Title
1. Useless Man (Mixed By The Grid)
2. Barry Flanagan & Hugh Cornwell / Mantra Of The Awoken Powers
3. Jessica Voorsanger & Dumb Angel / You're My Favorite Pop Star
4. Ashley Bickerton & Gray / The Mysterious Mister Bickertonl
5. Tracey Emin & Boy George / Burning Up
6. Towering Inferno / Crash
7. Gilbert & George & Stefan Girardet / Bloodlines
8. Macrohard / I Want To Be Erected
9. Marc Quinn & Brian Eno / Sensual Zero Gravity
10. Big Bottom
11. Chris Ofili & Add N To X / The Fullness That Fills Up The Pulse Of Durations Is Full
12. Rufus Knightwebb & Derrick May / Silent Revolution
13. Sam Taylor-Wood (Produced By Pet Shop Boys) / Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus
14. Duggie Fields (Produced By Arthur Baker) / Sometimes (Hey Now, Hey Now)
15. Jake Chapman & Russell Haswell / Digital Rim Smear Discharge: Solar Anus
16. Jane & Louise Wilson & MI7 / Hypnotic Suggestion
17. Georgina Starr / All About Love
18. Gavin Turk (Mixed By Dub Pistols / My Way

We Love You is a unique compilation of sonic artworks featuring collaborations between innovative musical originators such as Brian Eno, Derrick May, Boy George, Hugh Cornwell, Add N to X, Pet Shop Boys, and Arthur Baker with a cross-section of the most cutting-edge British contemporary artists including Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Gilbert & George, Jake Chapman, and Angela Bulloch. It is presented in the form of a CD/book, a new format, a "futique" - a collectable piece of the future. We Love You is published in conjunction with Candy Records and contains original pieces of art by all the artists whose sonic artworks are contained on the accompanying CD. All the tracks on the compilation are previously unreleased and exclusive to We Love You. Designed by The Carpet Gypsies.


born to cry
dan clowes


he did this cover for a john peel sub-pop session. it's not that great but i wanted to mention him and that comic artists in general must be responsible for a hella lot of record cover art. pete bagge, robert crumb etc..
nobody mentioned them yet right?


Roger Dean

sorry couldnt stop myself.....

but while we're kicking the category how can we neglect to mention the one who promoted sleeve design into a true fine art



he defined the genre in the 70s with his seminal covers of YES lps innit :p

john eden

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mms said:
yes he did, he co owned the record label was part of the group and even designed a poster for the single.
they were called fat les. It went to number one!

Oops. I'd forgotten about his involvement with that. :eek:

I thought it was alright as football songs go...


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Just stumbled across this thread from a while ago. I'm researching some record covers so it has been very helpful, thank you all.

Abdul Mati Klarwein was a psychedelic/surrealist artist (I guess), quite an interesting fellow, who was apparently friends with Jimi Hendrix and Timothy Leary and whom Andy Warhol said was his favourite artist. He did the cover for Bitches Brew, and Santana's Abraxas, among others...


Anyway it's always going to be a fertile area for discussion. The research I'm doing is for a company that makes frames to display vinyl record covers as art, on your wall (www.artvinyl.com). They have a gallery on their website with some of their and their customers' favourite sleeves. Check it out if you have time... You could even post a picture of your favourite sleeves displayed in your house and become famous!


perhaps betraying my wurzel hevvy metalist roots a little here ;) i wonder if woebot will remember local hero Rodney Matthews, who designed awesome recud covers for such luminaries as thin lizzy, magnum, hawkwind(?) et al


TIME TELLS NO LIES - 1980, Band: Praying Mantis (Inks, 100 x 50cm)

it would i think be churlish to suggest that the covers were the best bit......


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Hey hey Jim, as a proud owner of Bitches Brew on vinyl I agree that the sleeve looks amazing in its original 12" form! A true classic.

I've seen the Art Vinyl site, my brother bought a set of three and has them up in his flat, they're superb! He has Kraftwerk album sleeves on display in his which look fantastic.

Am definitely gonna get my hands on a set! Nice. :D :D :D


famous graf artists...

there's a million of these... most obvious being futura 2000's mowax/unkle covers. I always loved this dj krush holonic cover with the paint splattered bathroom the best...

but the two I wanted to mention were...dalek who did this cover for a five deez breaks record...

as well as a 7" cover for awesome abstract hip-hop crew dalek (called dalek vs dalek funnily enough)

and doze green who did the 2nd-4th volumes of the deep concentration series on om records among others but it's his awesome painting for the vol 2 cover below that I proudly hang on my wall...

oh... and re: giger covers... we cant forget danzig 3 now can we?...although they just used an existing painting so I guess it doesn't count... at least it wasn't another photo of him posing broodingly in a muscle shirt though huh!
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that's a little doll by Mike Kelly (but we knew that before didn't we)


detail of a painting by that African American painter/collagist... forget her name. always does silhuettes of historical themes.


and I believe this is part of a sculpture by Mathew Barney. if it isn't the inside sleeve is definitely Barney.

and I can't find any images but that awesome Tim Hawkinson "Pencil Thumb" peice adorns the inner sleeve of an average and forgettable record by Beck.

big satan

also on the sonic youth front:

richard prince for sonic nurse

the picture on the front of evol by richard kern. i think it may be a still from his film submit to me, although don't quote me on that.

rita ackermann for thurston moore's psychic hearts LP


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shepard fairy is NOT a real artist. and no, I do not care to launch into a tedius discussion regarding the fact.

we missed the most spectacular Sonic Youth cover of them all, for my favorite record by the band, and by the best painters alive:


and a page of Richter's works (bow down):


big satan

confucius said:
shepard fairy is NOT a real artist. and no, I do not care to launch into a tedius discussion regarding the fact.

actually i thought about not mentioning that one because i'd class shepard fairy as a designer, but it's a really good mixCD so i included it.