Cold rationalism just killed Star Wars for me


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Got the Star Wars DVD box set for Christmas and have been watching them now for the first time since I was about 15 or so...only problem is after reading all this endless Cold Rationalism stuff I just keep thinking that the Force is pretty much the total opposite of CR..."Trust your feelings, Luke" and all that. Now, I never really read much significance into the whole Force thing when I was younger--it was just pleasant psycho-bable to go along with a cool movie--but now I find it's really getting under my skin. It' It's just seems like such disgustingly squishy philosophy.

I mean, I still find it entertaining as a fun SF action movie (who doesn't like light-saber battles?), but I really used to love those movies when I was a kid. Oh well, another childhood favorite lost to the cold light of adult perceptions. Damn you K-punk! ;)

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It's quite an interesting observation because one of the things I chucked at Mark during the Badiou/Teachers/whatever flare up was Taoism - which is apparently one of the things The Force was based on.

Personally I have a lot of time for Lao Tzu. Hence all the stuff about recognising that the irrational and the rational are both natural parts of what it is to be human.


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dave me old son,ask yourslef this question
how does a cold ratioalist choose a lover?
and start to enjoy star wars again.


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it's sad but i'm still giggling to myself about that image

i'm thinking tape measures and questionnaires


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hohoho...don't worry I haven't gone completely over to the dark side (though to be fair I'm sure K-punk would reject both light and dark sides of the Force). In fact the main reason I wanted the Star Wars box set was becuase I figured that they would be good movies to watch when stoned with a bunch of my buddies. And I was right!

But nevertheless, there I was in my most un-rational post-BC Hydro haze, and all of a sudden I start thinking about Cold Rationalism and what it is that Yoda is actually saying...which is a pretty fucked up state to be in, let me assure you...

So yeah, I'm not saying that emotions should never be used/relied upon, I'm just uncomfortable with the privileging of emotion as some sort of transcendental key to the universe rather than just another normal brain process that affects the way we think.


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For a really enjoyable in-depth look at the nature of The Force and the Light, Dark and Grey paths, have a bash at the recent Star Wars games, Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. Fucking great stuff. I finally appreciate Star Wars... or at least the ideas if not the plots.