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Radio 1 confirms ONE MUSIC to succeed The John Peel Show

BBC Radio 1 has today confirmed that the late John Peel’s week night show will be succeeded by ONE MUSIC, three shows hosted by three DJs, dedicated to championing a diverse, unpredictable and non-commercial mix of new music.

It is widely accepted that John Peel can never be replaced. The challenge for the new show therefore is to keep his legacy alive. ONE MUSIC will do this through its support for new artists both signed and unsigned with an emphasis on UK talent. It will seek out those making music for music’s sake rather than for commercial success. Above all it will provide support to emerging genres of music and styles that have not yet and may never reach the mainstream.

ONE MUSIC already exists within Radio 1 as a website. It gives people advice and inspiration on all aspects of the music industry from how to record a demo to what to look out for when signing a record contract. The ONE MUSIC radio shows will focus on seeking out and playing the most innovative and unusual music that is being made today.

The new shows (2300-0100hrs) will be hosted by the following DJs*:

Tuesdays Huw Stephens
Wednesdays Ras Kwame
Thursday Rob Da Bank

All of the above have been chosen for their in depth musical knowledge across a variety of musical genres. Along with the production team, they will pool their expertise to ensure the most interesting music will be getting exposure three nights a week.

Andy Parfitt, Controller Radio 1, said of the plans “As a DJ John Peel was unique. Supporting new music and seeking out the unusual was at the heart of what John was about. We have spent a long time debating how best to continue John’s work and believe that by having a series of DJs hosting a selection of shows under the ONE MUSIC title, we will ensure that his legacy lives on.”

Huw Stephens added “I grew up listening to John so it is a massive honour to be able to carry on the work that he did championing new music for so many years. No-one will be able to fill John’s shoes but we can at least make sure his inspiration keeps us hunting out the next musical gem.”

good, although the timing is still the big problem
depressing how they've 'branded it as one music, the music programme, i wish they concentrated more on music, heard wiley spouting about how daytime radio didn't like what u call it.. surely these iron gates are the problem


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i must say i don't immediately get a swell of happiness at huw stephens/ rob da bank. half of peel for me was in his personality. rdb/huw s just don't feel like individuals - 'unpluggable' everyone said about peel. will that be continued?

haven't heard ras kwame, presumably that makes me a heathen.


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what a load of shit. i thought they might get gilles peterson in. he has his faults obviously but he's not that bad. least he's got his own thing and he's a more engaging host than any of that lot. haven't heard his show since he was on kiss but presumably he's doing the same thing he's always done/
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