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anyone goin to this, this friday - free

Smiths Magazine & GCSU present...

Smiths Ball

@ Goldsmiths College Students’ Union (Dixon Road, New Cross, SE14)

Friday 28th January

9pm - 2am

FREE ENTRY (+20% off all drinks!)

Smiths Magazine celebrates the most exciting movements in urban dance culture, with a free rave of scary proportions!

An inspiring event boasting the cream of UK grime, drum ‘n’ bass, garage and dubstep - shits’ about to get messy!

Everyone welcome - no attitude - positive raving


Roll Deep feat. Wiley
Nikkie S & Nyke with DJ Steppa D
Plasticman (reflex)
Kode9 (Hyperdub)
Nemesis (rude fm)
Tron + more

(Hosted by MC Spitz)

simon silverdollar

i'm going. can't wait.
i hope roll deep show up...haven't they got a bit of reputation for sacking bookings off?

Logan Sama

Trim mentioned it to me today.

I am sure some of the guys will be there to promote the album, but I couldn't possibly say who.


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Excellent to see my old uni still trying very hard indeed. I have no idea what sort of crowd this is gonna be but should be a laugh anyway


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i'm going. it says 'feat. wiley' on the flyers so surely he will be there, and presumably hot foot it to ministry afterwards. hardy perrenials trim and scratchy are bound to be there, flo dan would be wicked but is elusive. Can't really see riko turning up (he seems to be in v high demand for recordings since he got out) but you never know...

Logan Sama

It appears you have little experience of the wonderous enigma which is Wiley's diary.

I'd be incredibly impressed if he turned up for it, after landing at Gatwick at 7am this morning from Atlanta.


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well i'm obviously going to this, the last time there was anyone on at the union it was frigging Athlete...mind you i have absolutely no idea who half of the bill are.
nikkie s? stoney? anyone got any idea? the presence of 'drum & bass' in the title worries me a bit but no matter

simon silverdollar

07941 587707 if any dissensus people want to say hello to me tonight.

dripdropdrap + mpc i got yr backs [i've always wanted to say that]


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nikkie s and nykee are MCs, also known as The Milky Mans, due to em bein white...

i think they've got wicked rhymes, quite cheeky and uppy.....

often to be found with Rossi B & Luka....wicked garage DJ pair who manage to ride the gap between grime and dubsteppy, breakier stuff....dropping the likes of wizzbit, plasticman, bogeyman and shimano amongst the Alias, Bigshot, and Youngstar bits...

not sure about the others tho


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well that was pretty fucking weird.......weird mix of art students wondering what the fuck was going on and proper grime heads in the place. what a dump.....i was wrong loads of roll deep turned up, jet li, scratchy, trim, flo dan, gods gift, target, danny weed, looked like slimzee was there for some reason? think new era from essentials was there. it was a bit shit till plasticman came on and got the crowd going. he played some wicked tunes, but when roll deep came on the engineer guy was having a bit of a mare, dont think he knew how to handle 10+ people on the mic, rying to adjust levels etc. but it was pretty decent, respect to whoever set it up. it was free too which was a bonus. i was the goo in the yellow polo shirt, whoever went. forgot to check this before i went so thats why i didnt contact anyone.

wiley didnt turn up, what was going on at ministry? smoove?

simon silverdollar

kode 9 + plasticman + roll deep were all excellent. i thought flo dan in particular merked it.
i thought the crowd was good- it was really weird early on when it was very empty and everyone was as far away from the dancefloor as possible, but it was good to see that as soon as the grime came on, everyone got on the dancefloor.

me and john [mpc] met roll deep afterwards. they seemed in quite a bad mood about something [they were arguing with one of the goldsmith's event organisers about something], but it was great to meet them. scratchy was lovely. trim wore a balaclava. indoors.


hold tight simon & jack.

i thought all of the grime stuff was wicked. kode 9 had a nice mix of dubstep and grime.

it was wicked the way the mic was being passed around the crowd during plasticman's set. was that just some random people who were on stage mcing in the middle of plasticman's set?

roll deep live was the best thing i've seen in a while. i can't believe so many MCs turned up. target was around too.

i managed to corner scratchy and talk crap to him for a few minutes. i was gonna go over to trim and spit some deep bars to him, but he was wearing a balaclava. i had the "triiiim, llliiisssttten" rhyme ready but i decided against it. i spoke to tommy gun for a bit. god's gift was around but he wasn't in a good mood. he shoved past me going out the door because apparantly someone had said something to tommy gun (?).

i spoke to target as i was leaving. also, i think jack tried to have a conversation with flow dan who was too fucked to be able to reply.

big ups to simon who seemed to be loving every moment.


Turd on the Run
I was probably being naive when in my assumption that the words 'all welcome' on the flyer really meant what they said; witness the justifiedly miffed local kids who couldn't get in. This event had been advertised up and down Lewisham Way for weeks on end, and there's very little sound proofing evident on street level - if I'd been with them and couldn't get in I would have rushed the door. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and although the crowd response was enthusiastic from some, the vast majority didn't have any clue how to respond to the music or the MCs, resulting in a set that seemed more of an effort for Roll Deep than a blistering event that it could easily have been. I know, I'm being completely negative, and it could have been just another cack night that I'd never turn up to. I just thought that a few more than five or ten people out of the Goldsmiths crowd would have known how to react to this music - the odd cheer here and there didn't cut it.
Apart from that, I enjoyed it.


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come on, this was in a university union, and an art college at that, you cant expect it to be like eskimo dance. given that it was free, i assuemd that many of the people there had just gone to their union on a friday night for a drink, nothing to do with the event. the organisers seemed a bit.........well, my mate got cornered when we walked in and some dude wanted to take his photo infront of loads of posters saying "grimy", he was told to look "grimey, y'know, sort of ugly" ?!?!