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it was all very curious. but yeah, kode 9 (who was the girl MC? she was excellent), plasticman and roll deep were very good indeed. roll deep being on time was a nice surprise, as was god's gift being there
if i'd checked this before i would have given some people a shout...oh well.
heard about the people not being let in, a fellow stuuudent who got in at around 11 said there were around 30 local kids outside not being let in, yet he was allowed straight through. a bit dubious that.
but i'm glad the organisers made the effort, trying too hard though they may have been (the posters saying 'smiths loves grime'...ok, ok, we get it)


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its a union, so in theory they would oonly let in goldmsiths uni student so those with NUS, the public can only get in with a pre-bought ticket. seeing as it was free and you couldnt gte tickets before anyway, it should have only been students there anyway, what do you mean by "kids"? i preactice, they just let in anyone who looked like a student without any questions, although some people got "student id" checked. but i dont know how "dubious" it was....


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by 'kids' i mean anyone who looks younger than me :p
as it was 'free' and 'all welcome' i presumed that anyone would be let in, this turned out not to be the case, as you said they were letting in anyone who looked like a student- this did strike me as a bit dubious.
regardless, i thought it was a great night, if a bit botched.

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owen said:
(who was the girl MC? she was excellent)

I represented at this, my first real grime night and was really impressed - but...

That girl mc?? Are you kidding me - she was terrible! I was glad to see the back of her after Kode 9 and I'm sure I saw Plasticman give a signal to cut her off to the technician when he got on the decks!

The music was awesome, Roll Deep absolutely incredible.


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that girl was wicked, i thought, as was the crew who got up there during plasticman.

from right at the front, it was intense. all the mcs trying to fit their biggest lyrics into half an hour (rather than two or three mcs over an hour on the radio), and there were big responses for some of the more famous ones- from me at least. i was quite quite pissed by the end.

God's gift was pushing one kid (Tommy Gun i think) towards the mic near the end, but scratchy was slightly hogging it. GG got a bit pissed off but his kid got the mic in end, spat a massive lyric, scratchy hopping around, massive wheel up.

Said hi to trim and scratchy at the end. I had a never ending elaborate handshake with tommy gun. god's gift was still in a huff. me, simon and john all pounced on breeze at once who looked pale and bewildered, possibly due to new cross taxi rank psycho-skunk.

big ups all round

simon silverdollar

jack said:
I had a never ending elaborate handshake with tommy gun.

ha, i wish i'd done that!
the whole thing was a bit of blur for me- i can't really remember what happened. i remember scratchy bobbing around everywhere, and being quite keen to introduce tommy gun to people. he's a nice guy.

what was it like after roll deep finished? was there anything else good? did most people leave?


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i stayed for a bit of nikkie s and nyke, they weren't too bad- v crowd pleasing stuff, played things i hadn't heard in ages like 'are you really from the ends' and after some passable rhymes they asked 'who likes old school garage!' and played some 2step...which was fun but by then i was off home, being a bit worse for wear. one friend of mine thought they were better than roll deep, which is mentalism but anyway

when roll deep were on i was trying to work out who was who from their voices, cos i've never seen a picture of most of them. i worked out flo dan, scratchy (great hair!) and gift easiest...still, a peculiar thing, every time they passed the mic my mate was saying 'who's this?' and i tried to work it out...

i was the skinny lank haired blond bloke at the front muttering 'where's riko?' by the way