Cat Malogen
Quality day dipping through town watching football celebrations and fuck all trouble

Can’t see Forest doing much but better them than any number of yo-yo clubs


Cat Malogen
Wale were lucky, Ukraine could’ve won their qualifying game numerous times. Couple of incredible last gasp tackles

Bale in a WC though? About time (bet he picks up a knock in the interim)

England, Wales, US and Iran, zero rivalry here


Nations League actually more important than World Cup as failure in the latter doesn't have as much of a bearing on which teams you can play in training games


Cat Malogen
It’s overt profiteering in the build up to a 🚾

Every little dent in English momentum/will/relationship with manager helps, mind

You’re due a tournament win though, at some point. It’s going to happen eventually but will anyone currently alive be around to see it?



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I'm sure it's not escaped you. And she plays for Man U!