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i haven't watched the clip but presume it does not include footage of him launching a two foot attack on someone in the crowd, disproving the tagline


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Aguero nearly doing his back in carrying Messi during the celebrations and being so excited he almost forgot his son is pretty funny.

"Carrying Leo at the celebration was hard, I was trying to jump but it was killing my back. He looked at me to put him down. I was drinking like crazy, I hadn't eaten so it really hit me. Leo told me stop, but I didn't care, we were world champions and if I had to go, let it be there!"

"At one point I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't do the whole round. If we did, I would've ended up in a hospital. He realized it because I looked at him, we exchanged glances. 'All good, you're world champion, but My back hurts.' And there he got off. I was on my knees afterwards."

"The boys wanted to take me with them to Argentina. They told me to hurry up because the plane was leaving and I: 'Come on, let's go. Let's present the passport, everything'. I was going with the National Team and there I remembered that I had my son in the apartment, I couldn't leave him behind. I called Benja and told him I was going there. I was so crazy that I forgot about everything"


This seems a strange one... could be a good loan if he lives up to what he's supposed to be

Chelsea are poised to sign João Félix on loan from Atlético Madrid for the rest of the season as they try to find a way out of the slump that left them off the pace in the Premier League and out of the FA Cup.
Chelsea will pay about €10m (£8.8m) to borrow the Portugal forward and no buy option is expected to be included. Félix, who joined Atlético for €126m from Benfica in July 2019, has started seven of his club’s 16 league matches this season.


Didn't Chelsea spend more in this transfer window than the entirety of the Spanish, Italian, German and French leagues combined? If that's true they had better fucking win something!