Keep reading about Haaland, that he's unhappy, doesn't like Pep, wants to go to Real. Who knows, that's exactly the sort of story Real are expert at planting and spreading.

More interesting is the question of whether he has been a success, or how much of a success. Of course, on a personal level noone can complain cos he's already knocked in a ridiculous 31 goals. So what's the issue? Well, the point is, City aren't scoring more goals than before, l think they have pretty much the same total as at this point last season - it's just that instead of spreading them around he's got them all - and they've conceded more and dropped more points. So is the team better?

One thing though is that he hasn't been tested in Europe. So far City have always failed at the crucial point, but suppose Haaland is actually a better player than any other, then the way for him to prove it would be to get the goals there that won the big matches and knock out the giants. Until he does that, then arguably he's just scoring the goals that anyone would in his situation.

I can't see what he has to complain about though, Pep has changed the way they play for him to an extent he's not done before. Also PG can't exactly moan cos it was his decision, what's going on there do we think?


Is this true?

... It is Lionel Messi, who has jointly held the record of scoring the most goals in a single match – five.

However, the Argentine’s record came under threat this past week when Erling Haaland scored five goals in Manchester City’s thumping 7-0 win over RB Leipzig. Speaking after an FA Cup win over Burnley, Pep Guardiola has confirmed that he subbed off Haaland during the Leipzig game in order to prevent him from breaking Messi’s record. "I substituted him so he doesn’t break Messi’s record,” Guardiola said after the win over Burnley, where Haaland once again scored three goals.

If that is true then it's wrong on so many levels. First up, why should Pep have loyalty to Messi over his own player that he manages now?

And on a deeper level it's totally counter to any kind of sportsmanship. If Messi (jointly) holds the record for most goals in a game he should do it on merit not cos someone was artificially prevented from beating it. Does Haaland have to beat the opposition and his own manager? If I were him I'd be fucking furious. I've heard suggestions that players who are at or near a record at the end of their career play a friendly against San Marino or something to get over the line, but I'm not aware of it being done. If it is then it's wrong cos noone did that for the guy whose record they're trying to break - but at least it still depends on merit and they will still need to go out and get the fucking goals. But to hook someone to make it literally impossible for them to have a fair crack at it is one of the least sporting things I've heard of in football (and that is really saying something), especially from someone who is supposed to be on your side.

I struggle to believe that quote is real. Was it a joke?


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everyone copied whu didn't they/ the man united one looks like they got the only one who could write to write it and he's done it as neat as he could


Today I played footie for the first time in ages - they are pretty much all nice guys except one bloke I really don't like - he's shit at football, he moans all the time, falls down crying at the slightest touch and is late with every challenge he makes. Today I was getting pissed off with him persistently kicking people and he was on my team... Anyway, today he turned up in a Spurs kit and it all clicked into place, knew he was a wrong un.