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get 5 grams of coke and tattoo the logo on your calf come down this way and we'll choose a pub in essex for it


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I remember the afternoon West Ham won the play off - I’d wandered down to watch the CL final which was on in the evening to find pissed up, loved up hammers singing ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’ all throughout the first half. A cube of a bloke hugging my mate Dave who made the mistake of opening his mouth and revealing he is a scouser.


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me and a friend took a load of acid and went to west ham and were convinced everyone kept singing
west ham on acid, everywhere we go, everywhere we gooooo
it was so spooky
it was only later coming down a bit that it morphed into
tottenham get battered, everywhere we go


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thirdform accuses everyone of being spurs but it doesnt make it true, its just the worst insult he knows and he applies it liberally


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okay... if Villa and Brighton draw (very possible)
and Spurs fail to win at Leeds (also very possible)
we just have to beat City 8-0 in order to finish sixth
come on you Bees (y) :)