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Ok. So this is my favorite flavor by a mile.
I have been to 20 targets in the area and almost all of them are out of stock. In fact many still have a label for it show as having it on clearance. Like they are trying to rid the shelves of it.
I think it may be one of two things. They are phasing it out completely (I hope this isn't true). Or they are making temporary room for the seasonal "Minter Wonderland". If anyone has any more insight, I'd love to hear it because I am feeling like a heroin addict whose dealer got arrested.


commonreactor111 1 point 11 months ago

well, i didn't make this up...its literally a proven fact... if you compare the calories in a "topped" flavor with a regular flavor you'll see that they are essentially the same, despite the fact the "topped" flavor is smaller than a pint. this is done so that ben and jerry's can remain within a certain caloric limit

For example Americone Dream, which is 16 oz, contains 1150 calories "Topped chocolate milk and cookies", which is 15.2 oz, contains 1250 calories How else would you explain that

the same is true for peanut M&Ms vs regular M&Ms. A pack of peanut M&Ms weighs slightly less than a pack of regular M&Ms, because peanut M&Ms are bigger than regular M&Ms, so if there were to be an equal amount of peanut M&Ms in a pack, it would push the calorie limit past what the company has set.

Here is a direct quote by the manufacturer of M&Ms:
"Mars Chocolate North America is committed to health and nutrition, which includes efforts to manage portions and calories, so all of our products are 250 calories or less per portion. This means that weights may vary from pack to pack, and are always clearly labeled on the product package."

Look it up yourself

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i likw how mr tea gets called Humptea Dumbtea in this thread, and Mein Fuhrer.
Was that one of hmlt's zingers? It was very funny when he went from Teamite to Teabag and eventually just totally lost it called me Teafucker.

Edit: ah yes, couldn't have been anyone else really, could it.