"An England Story"


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Seen the ad for this in the latest Wire - its a forthcoming comp on soul jazz but its basically the spit (in spirit if not exactly in content, not sure of the t/l) of the absolutely T for tremendous "An England Story" blogariddim podcast by Heatwave a year or two ago.

I assume the Heatwave guys involved in this somehow? Hope so! If so is it exactly the same tracklisting as the online mix or are there differences.


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yeah saw that ad too... looks really good.

so much quality stuff to choose from if you think about it.

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It's really good! Not exactly the same tracklist as the mix, but nearly.

Compiled by Heatwave and includes their tune with Warrior Queen.


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Compiled by Heatwave and includes their tune with Warrior Queen.

Boogie Nights (the remix)? :slanted:

Am liking this comp. Haven't had a chance to get really stuck in yet (played it an office and most of them looked at me like I'd brought a bag of manure into share) but got the feeling it's gonna be near my side all year :D


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i heard the bloggariddims thing. i used to like going to heatwave when i was living in london. they're doing what i always thought someone should do. but i didn't like that mix. i thought it was a major missed opportunity. i think the vision was a bit narrow. but it's a great idea for a mix though. i don't want to be all negative.


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I don't know if this is a ringing endorsement or not but my 9 year old insists that we play England Story on the way to each of his football matches on a Sunday.

For a white boy from South East Essex he is developing quite a handle on patois!

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1. England Story - YT
2. Somebody - Suncycle
3. Gotta Man - Doctor & Davinchie
4. So U Want More - Ty & Roots Manuva
5. My God My King - Papa Levi
6. Bump And Grind - Tenor Fly
7. Tika Toc - Skibadee
8. Ice Rink Riddim - Riko
9. Deep - Jakes & TC
10. Walk And Skank - Jah Screechie
11. Love Mi Ses - Top Cat
Disc: 2
1. Tings Change - Warrior Queen & The Heatwave
2. Fashion Magazine - Glamma Kid
3. Champagne Body - General Levy
4. Money Mad - London Posse
5. Ruffneck - Navigator & Freestylers
6. Dollar Sign - Stush
7. Ready She Ready - Tubby T
8. Red Letters - Blak Twang
9. Uptown Top Rankin' - Est'elle & Joni Rewind
10. Complain Neighbour - Tippa Irie


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Wicked to see Gotta Man and Ice Rink...make up for the lack of Diz and When I'm Ere off the mix.


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two actually, skiba and navi. although neither on jungle, which is a shame, but i guess inevitable if you're trying to ;liscence tracks whatever...


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i do have a lot of sympathy for the compilers, more everytime i think about it. so much of the best stuff is live, over other peoples music. for example, it would be lovely to have ragga twins and navigator with unity, then later, on kool, or at jungle fever or something, ditto grime, or garage with people like supreme team and heartless who were a big step towards the grime movememnt.

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Yup, Soul Jazz had to put a heap of work into the licensing on this one.

But you're right, the ultimate MC compilation is going to be impossible to do legally.


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i might give it a go after work though... just a daydream one, in writing. it would defeinly have demon boys, london possee, hijack, saxon and unity, heartless, wiley, supreme team, silver bullet, so solid, daddy freddy and asher d, dizzee, ghetto, doogz, d.e.e, 5-0, skiba, remadee, shabba d, det, STEVIE HYPER D, plenty of top cat.......


why is this? is it unclear who has the rights? dont people want to license their tracks?

It can be very unclear who owns the rights, labels that owned the rights may have gone out of business, and tracking down artists and legitimate owners of the music can be nearly impossible - especially when you're dealing with 20+ year old tunes and murky scenes like UK reggae and hip-hop.