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i gt this scanner right, and i've scanned some pictures and i was wondering hw to transfer the pictures i scanned into my computer onto a hypothetical blog. anyone know the answer? i was messing around but to no avail.


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luka said:

that's html code, this board uses vB code, which is different. html is what you'd use for your blog (you have to close the spaces that I left in there anyways, except for between img and src, which is always an open space)

Having fiddled with your pic for a little while, I've found that there's actually no way of getting it to show up on here from where you've linked it. First of all, you've linked to the web page itself. You have to link directly from the picture. The way you find the picture's location is by right-clicking on it and going to properties and copying the url of the picture. In the case of your picture that doesn't work, because it's coming off a secure server it has a ridiculously long title and just won't work, even if you add .jpg to the end of the pic.

the full address of the actual picture (not the webpage) is this:

It won't work. So, to explain it, what I've done is put it on Imageshack, which is a free hosting service.

Here's the page it's on:

Now, to get the picture to show up on here, here's how you do it with vB code:

[ img ] http://img202.exs.cx/img202/9131/luke0027rx.jpg [ / img ]

remove the spaces and:

if you want to remove the border you can do it in any photo editing program, just use the square select tool to drag a box around what you want to keep, cut it, then paste it into a new picture. It's very easy, you can do it with MS Paint, which is standard on any Windows operating system. I'd imagine all Macs come bundled with a similar piece of software.

Anyways, that should explain everything, if you have any more questions just ask.
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