graphics of the global financial crisis

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bring me your big charts with arrows going downwards, your besuited traders weeping. Please share your incomprehensible graphs and stock exchange displays.

This one is an inadequate start:



Always disappointed by how much traders just look like a bunch of sweaty scruffs during stock market turmoil, what happened to Brooks Brothers suits and Oliver Peoples frames? Those firm blazers they sometimes wear are pretty cool though.
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Some of them are brilliant, though. Like The Bonfire of the Vanities in photographic format or something...


Who pays for the US financial bail-out?


"Many Americans probably won’t pay a cent of the cost of this bailout. That’s because a rapidly increasing percentage of U.S. households legally pay no income taxes, and many others pay so little in taxes that they already get back more from the federal government in services than they send to Washington. The number of taxpayers who generate a surplus for the federal government — that is, pay more in taxes than they receive in services — is small and shrinking, which is why the only way that the folks on Main Street will pay for this bailout will be if Main Street is where the mansions are in your town…"​