Best Avatars?


There were a few good ones... depending on your criteria. I liked Dharry cos you never knew if it meant Debbie or Dirty.


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There haven't been any really good ones. I can't think of a single one I've liked.
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If you write something in Events, Mixes etc right now your avatar will be the only one visible on the home page.


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It should always be a face with no background noise. Mine is perfect. It was the only good one till Gus found his true mask to speak through. Everyone else has to change to a face immediately. What is Craner thinking? Totally mad.

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Any parallel to be drawn between increasing amounts of time traffic through scenarios where avatars and handles are encountered, and the trend of superheros?

A sort of reprieve from complete accountability, in a way? But the other side of the coin is that your feedback-driven self-optimization efforts become more complex, more circuitous. Excursions too far from the tribe.


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People do it with masks. Oh no, better to stand out from all those plain ones. What have they got on amazon? Just stfu and wear it cunt. Go away violent thoughts, not everyone's a cunt.