Specials vs Fun Boy Three

which of Jerry Hall's outfits preferreth thee?

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Brixton last night, utterly incredible.

Looked like This Is England remade with a middle-aged cast. So many 40/50-something women with their daughters.

And the band were fantastic. I don't think I'll ever go to another gig.

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RIP. I couldn't name more than two or three Specials songs tbh, probably should do something about that?

Wiki'd the Specials and almost the first detail of Terry hall's life was this

Was surprised to read this today for the first time too. Explained the pained expression which was visible on his face in many photos


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saw the specials first tour of the US in a way-oversold club, never been so packed in for a show. could hardly move, except up and down en masse. probably the most riotous show I've ever seen, they were great.

they had a reunion album/tour a few years ago that I've read was pretty good, haven't heard it.
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Only got into the specials when kode 9 covered ghost town, that second album in particular. Fun boy 3 have some great singles too. I loved his voice. And that strange punk presence/non expressiveness he had.


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Soundtracked a particularly terrifying shrooms experience many years ago, still not right after it haha.
Also provided lazy TV producers with the one tune every time the Brixton uprising pops up

Must be one of the most influential bands though, RIP


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I find this sort of unintentionally funny, as I'm sure Terry would, cos you've got all these blokes trying to be slow and respectful, which they are, of course, but on their scooters which are sort of hard to keep slow.

Another man cave branch isn't it, the 60s mod.