J G Ballard - RIP


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What is the "mvuent aesthetic"?


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Just want to say I think Ballard's awesome and super-underrated, even if he's too dark. His short stories are on point. I want to be the ethical Ballard, if such a thing is possible.


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His books all have great starts. This one, for example.
Crossing frontiers is my profession. Those strips of no-man’s land between the checkpoints always seem such zones of promise, rich with the possibilities of new lives, new scents and affections. At the same time they set off a reflex of unease that I have never been able to repress. As the customs officials rummage through my suitcases I sense them trying to unpack my mind and reveal a contraband of forbidden dreams and memories. And even then there are the special pleasures of being exposed, which may well have made me a professional tourist. I earn my living as a travel writer, but I accept that this is little more than a masquerade. My real luggage is rarely locked, its catches eager to be sprung.