J G Ballard - RIP


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Cheers Scott.
Here's to nights, events , audio visuals, we'll see who all joins up.
Looking at things in NYC area and likely London from feedback we've gotten already.
More back channel communications, PM's ,
canals, the odd dry pool pirates & DJ's


thats kinda what i liked about cocaine nights and super cannes, i haven't read kingdom come but i believe its a bit like millenium people which was a little weaker in a way.

I thought Kingdom come was excellent actually, yes it was the same book, but the theme was great. I always think of it when I'm in a shopping centre.


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Readers of Ballard ...

Who would be great at narrating Ballard texts - and who could ?

Currently thinking Atrocity Exhibition excepts
( - it's just too much to tackle the whole thing on short notice, maybe eventually after web collab's inclusions , etc. ) to start with ,
but probably a whole other Ballard taste, one of the enviornmental novels
and possibly something from either Cocaine Nights or Super Cannes.

Who may be available and possibly persuaded / inspired to join in ...


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i liked everything i ever read by the man... and some i loved. his poetic, descriptive power, and in service of that monstrous imagination... the themes and imagery haunt and resonate with force for years and years.. unequaled in his lifetime i would say.

Who would be great at narrating Ballard texts - and who could ?

Who may be available and possibly persuaded / inspired to join in ...

Sir David Attenborough? just kidding. but his voice can be a bit out of breath and tired in a good way... entropic one might say. but i suppose i thought of him because ive heard him describe the mating rituals of dragon-flies, the workings of ant colonies, things in my mind close to the Ballardian universe, so many times...

if there is something i can do from berlin just let me know.

slim jenkins

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I recommend the two ReSearch books as well - 'Quotes' and 'Interviews' - Ballard being as good (if not better) at visionary thinking as he was writing. In some ways a very ordinary prose stylist, but that somehow adds to the strangeness of his imagination...all the beaches at the end of the world...the Med of the imagination. Love his short stories, 'The Atrocity Exhibition', 'Super Cannes', his eco-disaster novels of the 60s and anyone who can call a chapter 'Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan' can't be bad.


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no david attenbourgh is a great idea. well done.
i dont care about writing i don't think. i don't seem to get much pleasure from it. im more interested in great imaginations than good writers. ballard was pretty immense.
whos left?

jonny mugwump

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londoners should hold a motorway service station wake or maybe something at blue water. a servce station party would be a great way to see him off. :eek:


a friend told me of a walk a one off Ballard walk that might be happening soon, i will keep thee posted.


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Rolling JG Ballard tribute ...

By yesterday things have shaped up considerably for JG Ballard tribute of sorts.
Actual dates to be decided but so far we have :

* JGB's works:
Atrocity Exhibition. ( At least the first 5 Chapters as primer, possibly growing to more over time )
Time, Memory and Inner Space essay.
Considering an excerpt from Super Cannes and / or another early piece

* WFMU ( NJ/ NYC area ) onboard as one place to record and
broadcast a collection of JGB narrations and live scores ...
One narrator onboard is Judy Nylon.
Looking for that male narrator for "Atrocity Exhibition" chapters 1-5 ...

* Resonance FM ( cheers Johnny ) will 'cast it for London.
I would like for the London tribute to potentially be an 'All UK' thing,
and so far Mark Fisher /K- Punk has put up a remix of the "Drowned World" sound project from his londonunderlondon for inclusion ...

* The Ballardian site's Simon S has expressed his interest in doing something he will line up and collaborating with us.
Always liked his site and it did become a locus of JGB eulogies, notes, comments and those nice student film shorts based on JGB works ...

* We are looking into possible Berlin /Germany based editions as well as Tokyo based edition in the weeks to come ...

* More details to come; hope to be confering with Simon from Ballardian on some matters and am curious myself as to a possible role for JGB's publishers,
making some hard or soft document(s) of the whole thing,
whether to take up offer to do performance of the narrations/ live scores here,
the schedule for rest of year ...


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Ballard tributes 2009

Coming up:

* Sept. 5 on WFMU , NJ / NY radio .Michael Goodstien's Choking On Cufflinks show
9- 12 PM :

Atrocity Exhibition Chap. 1 excerpts, read by David Silver,
sdtk produced by Stuart A, music by outpost.

* Time, Memory and Inner Space. Ready by Judy Nylon ," , "

* Drowned World. Soundscape by Mark Fisher / K- Punk . Remixed ? tba

* Live in Studio .outpost versions of Ice Planet, Billenium and Serial Angels

+ interviews and other music broadcast.

* 10/24 @ Monkeytown Bk. Extended Ballard remix.
Atrocity Ex. Chap. 1, Time, Drowned World + pieces live,
specially made video & music mix with The Normal, John Foxx and others

* Resonance FM broadcast tbc

* Other venues, artists coming online.
Ballardian Book ( 1 of 3 in works ) with CD coming ...

We are just beginning composing Atrocity, on the back of a great reading by Silver.
great to get into these texts and have to make sounds to go with ...
Ongoing >


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AtroCities ...

Cool, cheers Nomos.
Yes, it's a bit of an ad hoc team; voice talent from our network,
feedback with Simon Sellers @ Ballardian -and an evergrowing array of contributors as we take it global.
More London -with an eye towards doing more 'live' ,
and Berlin Ballard fans give a ring !
Open for dystopian business.

Damn it's humid today ... (NYC)