WOEBOT thread


too punk to drunk
..OK, I've *****READ***** all about this stuff but haven't even HEARD it.

So where can I hear this stuff without having to do a blind purchase?

That is all I want to know, I'll start the textual, intellectual discourse once it seeped into the psychic space.



too punk to drunk
That why I started the fire! Hahahahah

So what's the music like?

Is there hyper-intellectual-internet-know-everything music crit envy going on?

john eden

male pale and stale
well there's a whole radio show dedicated to it on my first link, so check that out.

It's pretty great I think.


Tone deaf
Any chance we could get the Woebot books in a format that is more of an open standard than the walled garden that is Amazon?

I bought the big book of Woe a while back but it’s impossible to download and convert it to something that will work on my Kobo ereader.

epub format would be handy. Happy to pay for the privilege.


Tone deaf
Amazon now uses the kfx format for downloads in their app and they are hot on updating their DRM. I’ve been using Calibre with DeDRM in the past, but this no longer works.

I’ll take a look at that site, but don’t hold much hope.


Beast of Burden
Inspired by @Woebot and this mix:

I had a lot of fun making this playlist:

It was also inspired by the trip I took with my father in 2015 driving around Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, as well as songs covered by the Rolling Stones and sampled by Wu Tang Clan.

People have a lot of prejudice and cliched ideas about the Deep South, but it's actually an amazing place: as beautiful, varied, extreme and dramatic as this playlist makes it sound.