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people like icke worry me tho, i found a book in my mum's house that she'd got on reccomendation from her neighbour, the most ridiculous book ever written , but fear spreads, just some way to grasp control.
very odd quite exciting.


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do we have any stock market experts on this board? i keep reading so many bad news about boeing lately, planes disappearing, planes suddenly crashing down, employers telling they would never fly those planes them self and saying that they were designed by clowns and monkeys, and so on. yet, when you look up their share price you don't see any of that reflected. in fact, it's been skyrocketing since 2014.


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Henry 'Scoop' Jackson used to be called 'The Senator from Boeing' by his political opponents.

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for work, I happen to semi-regulaely go into the building where Boeing's Chicago offices are located

It's 1 of the 2, out of probably ~100 or so, large office buildings DT that has its own bomb-sniffing dog

Boeing isn't the only company in the building but it's (presumably) the only major defense contractor

(I've never figured out what the other building that has a dog is protecting, it's a pretty typical law firms, accountants etc type place)

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do we have any stock market experts on this board?
There's not really such a thing as a stock market expert

In re Boeing's stock it is up over the last 5 years but over the last year it's lost ~25% of it's value (100+ points) so clearly the 737 etc issues are having an effect

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Boeing is as noted one of the largest defense contractors on Earth which I reckon insulates them somewhat from these other issues

Not defending Boeing mind, just explaining why it can weather these issues with relative ease


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thank you for your reply padraig.

i kinda assumed that designing and introducing a new airplane type that turns out to have so many flaws would be deadly for a company like that. maybe i was therefor hoping for more exciting explanations. i think for example, the united states would never let it go bankrupt right?


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these are the most famous i think:

Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 crashed in 2009
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared in 2014
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down in 2014 over ukraine
Lion Air Flight 610 crashed in 2018
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed in 2019
Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 shot down over iran in 2020

all boeings carrying hundreds of passengers. what do you think luka?


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i think it's anyway a bad sign for companies like this to have soaring stock values. indicator for war?

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It's a tool of the US state. An arm of the CIA or whatever. That's the obvious move.