Increasing Physical Energy Levels


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why do you want to do that anyway? i often have too much energy and its annoying. people always want whatever it is they dont have. what you going to do with all this energy when you get it?


Do not read this.
The majority of what I would add has been covered, but I thought I would weigh in with what has helped me recently! I find that plenty of fruit throughout the day, coupled with plenty of water should make you feel better. Also walking/cycling rather than public transport/car, basically some good exercise will help massively. I have been taking cod liver oil for the past 4/5 months, which has increased my energy, and general feeling of well being tenfold! Rather than the capsules though I prefer to mix a teaspoon’s worth (or thereabouts) with double the amount of milk, shake thoroughly until mixed then down the hole (your stomach will absorb it better than the capsules this way, before eating is the best time). Hope that helps!


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it might just be that your metabolism is taking a while to adjust. A mild but lengthy withdrawal process, in other words.
'fraid this sounds correct. it might take a while oliver. take exercise (get a bike) and if i were you i'd ditch the coffee.

just reading the lennon biography and apparently a macrobiotic diet (never tried it myself) gives you a rush of energy in the early stage? maybe try it for a week - like a detox kind of thing.

next patient please.


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also, to go on a bit more, v. quick on the topic of exercise, I recommend to you - actually to everyone - weight training. specifically Olympic lifting (deadlift, clean, clean + jerk, snatch, etc). for so, so, so many reasons. can be used as cross-training waerobic stuff like/running, cycling, etc; actually Olympic lifting can be aerobic in & of itself, a la Crossfit, but that's a bit of a different ballgame. anyway.

one disclaimer: v. important to make sure you learn technique & do it properly - don't want to feel like I set anyone up to get injured
I really really want to start weight training again. I absolutely loved it. It's the combination of physical exercise and being able to nerd out as Padraig said.


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I am a show-off I learned. I wasn’t always a show-off when I was younger, I was very shy actually, which is the opposite of the way I am now. And I learned I liked the attention I get from this. I’m motivated by, now it might be … I thought about this a lot … I was shy and sickly a lot as a kid, I wasn’t popular with women, or even felt very uncomfortable with them. And I think somehow, because it coincided with me getting strong and getting respect from the men, it became very much a part of my self-image. I could do this. So it’s so deep, that I just do it because it’s part of my self-image.

Now, of course my best friends have told me, “You don’t need this! What are you proving?”, but it’s deep
those websites are nuts danny!


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I'd say exercise (combined with sleep - not simultaneous though) definitely number one - human beings aren't meant to be sedentary, and yet so many of us spend vast amounts of time that way due to our job and, er, the pub. Personally, even a slight bit of aerobic makes me feel I've got more energy, though I prefer weights cos they're less boring.

I'd also add that psychological factors can be very important, beyond all the physical stuff. Any way you can cut down worrying/let your worries out will give you loads more energy.

Nice cod liver oil mention upthread - proper old school.

Aww Nein

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what was it in Requiem for a Dream...

no red meat
no refined sugar
no orgasms

could give that a try.

some of this seemed to help though

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Ugh, don't listen to me Craner, I was exhaaauusted this morning for no good reason. Although it could be the heat, I don't sleep well when it's hot and muggy. Blech.


Darned cockwombles.
i'm appreciating his straight talking. too little of it around....i think after an hour i might want to kill him, but it's fine now

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no booze, no fags, no caffine, no late nights, do the things you love...
What if you love booze, fags and caffeine?

I can't help but be suspicious of a barista telling people not to drink coffee, that's like a vegetarian butcher or something, well dodge. "Never get high on your own supply", huh?


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becasue caffine makes me shake very badly i find it very hard to carry coffees to people without spilling them. i only stopped 12 days ago. also ive never been one to think before speaking but caffine makes it even worse and terrible things come out of my mouth, usually quite funny but offensive at the same time and thats bad in hospitality work. stopping caffine has stopped the shakes pretty much but im still putting my foot in t on a daily basis....


Just do the a bit of regular exercise. I cycle about 28k to work and back when I can, it makes a huge difference. I feel a bit achey, but way more alert, especially in the mornings.


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never work in an office whatever you do. i read in the paper it makes men have bodies like women. pear shaped. big hips and thighs and narrow shoulders. who wants to look like that.
I work in an office and I LOVE my new body

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"i read in the paper it makes men have bodies like women. pear shaped. big hips and thighs and narrow shoulders."

That's pretty much the opposite of my body shape, AT THE MOMENT. How long do you reckon I've got before I start to look like this?