Paying for dissensus 2011


ok ok ok roll up rollup roll up
just got the bill in from our hosts aso (who incidentally have recently opened up in london) it's $600 cos we upgraded a little bit a while back - it's been pretty good since then i hope you'll agree

so, you all know the score by now??
my paypal is
please chuck us 10-20$$ or however much is good for you (£sterling actually is better) if you want to give us a cheque or other bizarre payment method that could be ok too!

post below, or pm if you want to let me or everyone know you contributed

i'd also be very pleased with any feedback or suggestions about dissensus, after all folks - it's your site!

& once again thanks thanks thanks share the lurve!!

Hi All
it's that time of year again.....!
as with last time round, we're not looking to make any money out of the site, we just need to pay the rent,


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sufi, was gonna be discreet and PM you but your inbox is full, can't accept new messages.


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I have some money in my paypal account so when i get home on a more secure network i will put some in.

I'll also make this post so I can be castigated if I forget.


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sorry, having money problems over here... and no not because i have too much of it


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sufi, would it be ok if I were to send money in a month or so? don't have access to Paypal / my credit card so cannot add money to either atm...

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Still dolescum here BUT just had a third interview for a good job, don't want to jinx myself but am quietly hopeful...will chuck in some dosh as soon as I've got some coming in. :)


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i lost my debit card last week, so got to sync my new one with pp but will be doing this tonight as traxsource is a calling, so will transfer some ££ as per, big up sufi and everyone.


Thanks everyone who's coughed up so far
we've got more than 200$
so if you were thinking about this and didnt get round to it sort it out!
deadlines the 30th Sept but obv prefer to get it done swiftly & get straight back to usual dissensus business...

Big thanks to the person who came up with $100!


bump ka bump!

we're only about 1/2 way there with 1 day to go til the hosting company deadline

dig deep comrades!!


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Money takes three days to transfer.
Should be sorted tomorrow if there isn't a run on the banks between now and then.


yeh hi all!
do remember don't forget
if 10-20 more people donate £10 or £20 over the weekend we're sorted

go on dissensus!