Classic House


Darned cockwombles.
"But before I get on any flight tomorrow, I first need to find out what the hell is going on with my bag, because I have no fucking music, so I can’t play even if I made it out there. I also have no clothes, shoes, toiletries. This is a nightmare."

I'm sure they sell toothpaste at airports these days?

All very weird. Even if he hadn't missed the shows, he sounds like an utter cock.
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business can get dirty, i guess these things happen. i know a promoter in nyc who's *still* waiting for return of his fee for a james brown no-show. (something that should have tipped him off: brown's "manager" at the time was al sharpton!)


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been e-digging around the nu groove discog over the last month instead of writing essays... thought i'd post a few of my favourite finds:

this transphonic ep is generally quite great...

this one isn't really house at all... but it's kind of a neat ragga track. the production is minimal but kind of fascinating, almost a dub-techno kind of sound...


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Lee Rodriguez and Steven John Craden... folks know em?
Lots of projects...

the virtual soul track is amazing

not sure if i think this last one if good or just kind of novel... prolly a pretty context specific play... riding the cusp...


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this must be a well known track to folks. i had never heard it before. could easily slot this into a funky set.



Wow darkside!
I've never heard that before either, it's great
Should be in Luka`a Haunting Hardcore Thread