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heavy heavy monster sound
sooo good. It's like the E2-E4 of southern rap or something, unclassifiable, glorious repetition.
Great analogy; I've listened to it sooo many times and I still get lost in it in that Terry Riley way, where I can't work out how long I've been listening to it, or what point I'm at in the mix, or how long I've been alive.


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this is an excellent 92-era mix.

some really good lesser-known tracks in there too.



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Not really a fan of Bukem as a producer, but this is one of the best jungle mixes ever recorded during the golden years
nice mix droid. enjoyed that, thanks.

i would say that it's pretty much *exactly* typical of bukem's mix-style (not remotely uncharacteristic of him) and descriptive of his production style too. i think perhaps you're being a bit wary of the trendy dissensus speed backlash...

unlike metalheadz in hoxton square (always distinctly meh - went once in the first month, hated it) for a long time speed was incredibly exciting. i went to all the events in those days: paradise garage, awol, voodoo magic and it can only be time tourists who weren't actually around, or guys still at school, who slag speed off.

i was there on the opening night - there were only five of us - magic times. ok, after by "pulp fiction" it was over - but that took a long time.


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Dont get me wrong, he's an excellent DJ. Long, precise mixes with synced up progressions and little touches on the kills and faders. His style was a big influence on Naphta and by osmosis, myself.

GLR though, I think is one of the most overrated of the classic labels. Some absolute bangers early on, but the energy petered out very quickly.

I imagine the physical reality of speed was much more exciting than what its come to symbolise, if only by virtue of the fact that there was nowhere else really dedicated to the deeper end of jungle when it started.

I have heard some amazing stories from Metalheadz TBF, but it was almost a different era.

Some reminisces from your junglist days would be welcome if youre ever stuck for blog ideas.


bandwagon house
Merlin Bobb on WBLS, the mid-eighties.

This was broadcast on Martin Luther King Day 1986. House was still the young pretender. This is still a very New York sound, taking in the cream of older bits from Prelude, Gold Mind and European stuff from the likes of Robotnik, in between the jacking. Real Friday night stuff.

There are a few things that take me most about this era; people were really starting to master DJing and exploit drum machines and samplers. Competition must have been fierce. New York sound systems were probably the best in the world and the possibilities of these new machines were really being pushed. The clatter of claps, toms and cowbells must really have been the ardkore of its day. Like thunder compared to the snare rolls all over the place at the moment. There is a video of the closing party at the garage on youtube and when Larry drops Adonis - 'too far gone' it sounds so alien and enormous compared to even the most opulent disco produced by old masters in multimillion dollar studios.

There are certain great combinations through the years; 808/303, 909/Korg M1, Amen/Reese, etc. This period as far I can make out from this mix, is the tail end of Oberheim DMX drum and Prophet keys. (Flash 'The Message', David Joseph 'You Can't Hide Your Love', Levan's Weekend mix, various Kevorkian staples, etc) This mix really represents how there was real burst forward in several directions in years between disco going back underground and that NYC club sound getting a bit codified and more tasteful with the rise of garage house proper. Offbeat disco and cutting-edge electro could be found at the same office at Sleeping Bag records and all that.

I find the whole attitude and approach so different to what is held up now and how the song based nature of things acted as a kind of anchor, allowing more coherent blend of styles and Bobb does an exceptional job here. The mixing is superb. He's one DJ that I feel didn't get enough recognition as other names are remembered.
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J-Rolla's Pirate radio mix - one of the best hardcore/jungle mixes Ive heard in the last 10 years:

So this set is based around tunes from the 93-94 era (with one from 92 thrown in that was way ahead of its time) that were big pirate radio favourites of mine, tunes that instantly make me think of a particular station, DJ/MC, tape, time or place the second I hear that breakdown. Basically tunes that had a positive impact on me, that I went out and bought because of pirate radio.

I have spliced in little sections of some of my old recordings (mainly Kool FM ones) that I happen to have ripped and saved on my computer – I tried not to go overboard with this, but did include some slightly longer memorable clips, like the infamous “Duffer Paul” reload, Kool FM NYE 94 into 95, which friends and me creased up over many times.

A lot of these tunes are not heard so much these days compared to the bigger anthems (many of which owe their success to stations like Kool and Rush), some are a bit rough around the edges and some were overshadowed by a monster of an anthem on the flipside (Renegade’s Something I Feel for example).

I purposefully didn’t play tracks by the same artist or on the same label more than once to try and get a nice cross-section of music in there, but it was very tough to leave some out, especially when flicking through the Reinforced back cat from this era. Also, I didn’t want to repeat tunes that already feature in previous mixes of mine such as “Just About Jungle”, which is packed with a lot of my old pirate favourites.
*Disclaimer - our third release on Ruff Revival was a collaboration between this guy and Ricky Force, and I've met him a couple of times, other than that, no relationship, and in fact, I kind of hate him for doing this mix.


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I want mix of mid 90s r&b. Hiphop soul era. Post new jack swing, pre timbaland


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I want an early 90s dancehall mix from when people used the word ragga. Nothing by heatwave pls

Benny B

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I want mix of mid 90s r&b. Hiphop soul era. Post new jack swing, pre timbaland
These are exactly what you are looking for

In the summer of 2012, Onra & Lexis joined forces to tackle a project based on a music period they both love so much. That brief period from approximately ’93 to ’96: the New Jack Swing sound got dated and soulful club music became much closer to the Hip-Hop productions of the time to create this Urban R’n’B type of music.

We simply call this era the “Throw Em’ Up” period in reference to the way that everyone in clubs and videos was vibin’ to these tracks: just throw up both your arms and wave them around nonchalantly (if possible with a champagne glass). The selection rules we followed for Vol. 2 are simple: #1: Soul artists featuring MC’s are ok, but not the other way around. #2: All of the picks have to pass the “throw em’ up” dance test, which means: no New Jack Swing stuff, no Timbaland because although Timbo is a genius it’s really a different kind of sound which shaped the late 90′s / early 2000′s sound.

I've only listened to vol2 but its quality, check the tl!

01. Charisse Arrington – Down With This
02. On The Contrary – Love To Love You (Ass Mova Remix)
03. 702 – Get Down Like That
04. Joe – All Or Nothing
05. Intro – Strung Out On Your Lovin’
06. Assorted Phlavors feat. Big Daddy Kane – Make Up Your Mind (Dave Jam Hall Remix)
07. Case feat Foxy Brown – Touch Me, Tease Me
08. Carl Henry feat. Big Ross – Crazy Love (Remix)
09. Jason Weaver – Stay With Me
10. Jodeci – After Last Night
11. Jesse Powell feat. King Nice – All I Need (Dr. Freeze’s Street Version)
12. Next feat. Naughty By Nature – Penetration
13. Mona Lisa – Can’t Be Wasting My Time
14. Sa..Deuce – Don’t Waste My Time
15. Vybe – Take It To The Front
16. Jade – 5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time Is Up)
17. Beverley Knight – Rewind (Erick Sermon Remix)
18. 911 – Spend Some Time
19. Sean Levert – Just Can’t Get Enough
20. Blacknuss – Dinah
21. Mary J. Blige – Beautiful (Remix)
22. R. Kelly feat. The Notorious B.I.G – (You To Be) Be Happy
23. Camille Douglas – Don’t Leave Me Hangin’
24. Joya – Gettin’ Off On You
25. Smooth – Summertime
26. Aaliyah – Back & Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly Remix)
27. Adina Howard – Freak Like Me
28. Boyz-II-Men feat. Craig Mack & Busta Rhymes – Vibin’ (Remix)
29. Whitehead Bros. – Forget I Was A “G” (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
30. Tha Truth – Gotta Find… (A New Love)
31. Horace Brown – Things We Do For Love
32. Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It (Bad Boy Remix)
33. 1 Of The Girls – No Can Do
34. Lori Gold – I Likes It (Doncker Extended Mix)
35. Soul IV Real – Every Little Thing I Do
36. MQ3 feat. Redman – Everyday (The Reggae & Rock Remix)
37. Eric Gable – Process Of Elimination
38. Gyrl – Play Another Slow Jam
39. H-Town – Knockin’ Da Boots
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